We’re excited to announce that security experts NowSecure chose Vaporstream as a trusted tool to use for remote communications and collaboration. As part of their mission to save the world from unsafe mobile apps, NowSecure benchmarked the security and privacy of 25 applications so that organizations can be confident the mobile apps they use are properly protecting their business and their mobile users.


Along with NowSecure, we recognize the urgent need to ensure the privacy and security of mobile apps that are becoming critical to our daily business. The shift to work from home has meant hackers are upping their tactics and targeting businesses and organization harder than before. Now, more than ever, people need an easy-to-use, secure way to hold sensitive conversations, share confidential documents and conduct routine tasks without having to worry that information can be compromised. This means going beyond encryption to provide protection to employees that keeps them from inadvertently sharing information with malicious actors or backing up files to insecure locations. We also recognize that for many, working from home is a new experience and many employees may not be equipped to grapple with complicated technology. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure our communication platform is intuitive and private by design so that employees don’t have to do anything to protect themselves—privacy is built in.


Vaporstream has been NowSecure Certified for three years, which means our technology has been subjected to a rigorous series of tests by an independent third-party and found to be secure against malicious attacks and exposure of sensitive data. Watch NowSecure and Vaporstream executives discuss the importance of third-party certification here. To learn more about how you can support your employees, clients and other key stakeholders during this time, visit our page on secure messaging and COVID-19.