We here at Vaporstream share your concerns about COVID-19 and want to support you as you look for new, inventive ways to communicate during this unprecedented time. Using our secure messaging solution, you can share sensitive information from remote locations and coordinate highly confidential response plans without fear of leaks or unintended sharing. Secure messaging should go beyond encryption with advanced content controls and enterprise policies to give you a solution thats not just secure, but private. Protect your information and eliminate the potential for human error, harm caused by breaches and the spread of misinformation. With Vaporstream’s secure messaging solution, you can protect yourself from COVID-19 by:

    • Discussing highly confidential information – such as talking points or contingency plans for shutdowns – without fear of leaks or unintended sharing
    • Communicating quickly and privately with responders and key stakeholders, keeping everyone on the same page and avoiding the spread of misinformation
    • Enabling employees to have confidential conversations and providing executives with a private means of communicating amongst themselves from remote locations
    • Keeping operations running at all times with a private and secure two-way communication channel, whether or not your primary network is available
    • Access and share highly confidential and completely protected information from mobile and desktop devices

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