For many, the transition to remote work hasn’t been easy. Building team relationships and sharing sensitive information while working remotely is difficult enough, but now it’s been compounded by organizations working to adjust to the realities of a pandemic. We’re here to help make remote work as smooth as possible for you and your team during this time, whether you need to share highly confidential information on-line, build trust among your employees, or keep everyone informed through mass updates and reminders. Keep reading to find out about our COVID-19 Communications Package, the features we offer and read our blogs for insights on supporting your team during the pandemic.

With Vaporstream’s secure messaging solution, you can:

    • Discuss highly confidential information – such as talking points or contingency plans for shutdowns – without fear of leaks or unintended sharing
    • Enable employees to have confidential conversations and share sensitive information from remote locations while protecting private business information
    • Keep your employees and key stakeholders informed with automated mass updates and reminders sent via SMS and email
    • Coordinate critical decisions around students’ and staffs’ health and safety on campus during COVID-19
    • Keep operations running at all times with a private and secure two-way communication channel, whether or not your primary network is available

Scroll down for blogs providing insight on supporting your team, communicating during a crisis and keeping operations ongoing.

Learn More about Secure Messaging and COVID-19

We’ve compiled our favorite resources about crisis management to help you as you navigate new, inventive messaging solutions. We’ll also be covering ongoing challenges on our blog.

Crisis Communications and Incident Response
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Crisis Communications and Incident Response

Learn how to minimize the impact of a disaster and maximize the efficiency of your response with Vaporstream Secure Messaging.

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Vaporstream has helped us meet our goal of increasing timely communication during emergency situations. Knowing we had their product to rely on during hurricanes, lava flow crisis and general internal communications has helped us to place our focus on what really matters. The product is easy and intuitive to use, and the customer service provided by the Vaporstream team is outstanding.
Shirley Dellinger
Director of Operations, Hawaii Care Choices

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