Vaporstream goes beyond encryption to provide you with a communication solution that is not just secure, but private. Our advanced content controls protect your information from being uploaded to the cloud, stored on devices, saved on servers or shared with unintended recipients. Our enterprise policies allow you to wipe devices at preset intervals, put group collaboration controls in place and set compliance workflows. In order to keep your information protected at all times, an alternative private, secure communication channel is always available.

With Vaporstream, your conversations are not just secure – they’re private.

Vaporstream is third-party certified by independent mobile security experts and ethical hackers NowSecure. Our multilayered security model was built by privacy and compliance experts with over 30 years of experience. Vaporstream’s patented technology has been certified by NowSecure for three years in a row and is the first messaging solution to be certified by ethical hackers.

Watch Vaporstream and NowSecure executives discuss the certification process and read about it here.

Communicate in Private

Strong Encryption
Messages are encrypted in transit and at rest, and keys and data are always kept separately. You are always in control of keys.
Sender Controls
Recipients cannot copy, save, forward, screenshot, edit or otherwise share messages.
Shred on Demand
Senders can shred, or vaporize, messages on demand, whether it has been read or not.
Automated Disappearing Messages
Messages are automatically wiped from devices based on a predetermined interval of a time set by the enterprise.
Header/Body Separation
User information and message content can be kept separate and not displayed on the screen at the same time.
In-App Camera
Images cannot be uploaded to the cloud or stored on devices.
Store Your Own Information
Your data remains under your control and is never stored with the vendor.
VS Compliance enables you to archive single-copy messages to your own archive.
Redundancy & Failover
Vaporstream is hosted at top-tier facilities, providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for redundancy and failover.
Security Certified
A third-party security audit and certification provides additional confidence in Vaporstream.

Control the Conversation
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