When a breach or other out-of-course event compromises your business’ critical systems, you need a way to communicate securely while keeping core operations and business functions running. Downtime can be costly and cause reputation damage, but using a compromised corporate network to resume operations can put sensitive business information at risk. Vaporstream provides you with an alternative secure network to communicate with staff, clients, board members, the media and other stakeholders so that you can keep operations running smoothly during an event without compromising private business information.


    • Keep operations ongoing by securely and privately sharing key files, images and other content while remaining compliant on a secure external network
    • Protect sensitive information about operations from third parties and prevent private communications from being leaked or shared with unintended recipients
    • Keep employees informed during a crisis with immediate, automated mass notifications and warn them not to access compromised systems
    • Create group conversations organized by departments, projects, clients or other relevant design for continuous private collaboration
    • Reach anyone, anywhere by sending messages to multiple devices and sending repeat notifications for rapid response

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Companies of all kinds use Vaporstream as a key part of their business continuity plan. See how our customers keep operations running when an incident strikes.

Crisis Communications and Incident Response
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Crisis Communications and Incident Response

Learn how to minimize the impact of a disaster and maximize the efficiency of your response with Vaporstream Secure Messaging.

Optimize Secure Incident Notification and Response Coordination
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50 Industry leaders on Modernizing Incident Response
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As the chief executive of a global consultancy specializing in intelligence gathering and the protection of human-physical-financial assets, I truly have a zero margin for error in the manner I communicate with colleagues and clients. It is because of this that all such dialog is done through Vaporstream because they are without peer in the private messaging vertical. There is simply no other solution for the educated consumer.
Paul Michael Viollis Sr.
Chief Executive Officer, Viollis Group International

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