Sharing sensitive business information from smartphones, tablets and laptops is undoubtedly convenient, but it’s also risky. Hackers frequently impersonate executives in phishing emails, texts are often shared without permission, and information on mobile and desktop clients are vulnerable to malware. Vaporstream gives you complete control over how your sensitive business information is stored, shared, deleted and retained – and with whom you choose to communicate – so that you can securely and privately share business information across any device.


    • Discuss confidential information such as company strategy and IP while protecting that information from being shared, saved or uploaded to the cloud
    • Select who you collaborate with through group conversations and continuous collaboration, preventing unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information
    • Communicate securely and confidentially during an out-of-course event like a natural disaster or breach whether your network is available or not
    • Set enterprise policies to delete messages from all devices after a set period of time and shred conversations on demand, even when a device is lost
    • Protect business communications while traveling to less secure or foreign locations
    • Limit all communications about sensitive information to a single, closed network, protecting employees from email or text phishing scams

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Businesses of all kinds use Vaporstream to communicate securely when executives are travelling or working remotely. See how our customers use us to protect their conversations.

As the chief executive of a global consultancy specializing in intelligence gathering and the protection of human-physical-financial assets, I truly have a zero margin for error in the manner I communicate with colleagues and clients. It is because of this that all such dialog is done through Vaporstream because they are without peer in the private messaging vertical. There is simply no other solution for the educated consumer.
Paul Michael Viollis Sr.
Chief Executive Officer, Viollis Group International

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