Today, businesses use corporate and personal devices more and more to share ideas, collaborate on projects, make joint decisions and discuss other business activities. However, trusting your employees to keep private business information on their devices to themselves is risky. Sophisticated phishing, ransomware and malware attacks make your information even more vulnerable. Vaporstream puts privacy in the hands of the enterprise, with complete control over how confidential business information is stored, shared, deleted and retained. That way, you can drive productivity and efficiency using mobile devices knowing you have the privacy your business demands.

    • Discuss private business information from any device, anywhere, anytime without fear of tipping off bad actors
    • Create group conversations organized by departments, projects, clients or other relevant design for real-time continuous collaboration
    • Select participants for group conversations to prevent unauthorized users inside and outside the enterprise from accessing private information
    • Share files, images and other content knowing they cannot be saved on devices, uploaded to the cloud, forwarded, screenshotted or otherwise shared
    • Privately and securely communicate whether your network is available or not

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Businesses of all kinds use Vaporstream for continuous collaboration. See how our customers communicate securely, working as a team from any location and any device.

Keep Business Communications Confidential
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Keep Business Communications Confidential

This short video explains Vaporstream Secure Messaging and its use in regulated industries.

Putting Privacy in Your Hands
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NowSecure: Vaporstream Puts Privacy at the Forefront of Its Flagship App
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As the chief executive of a global consultancy specializing in intelligence gathering and the protection of human-physical-financial assets, I truly have a zero margin for error in the manner I communicate with colleagues and clients. It is because of this that all such dialog is done through Vaporstream because they are without peer in the private messaging vertical. There is simply no other solution for the educated consumer.
Paul Michael Viollis Sr.
Chief Executive Officer, Viollis Group International

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