Share and Control Your Private Information

Today, messaging is second nature. While most mobile messaging applications offer end-to-end encryption, Vaporstream goes beyond encryption, adding advanced content controls that guarantee your conversations are not only secure, but private. Vaporstream gives you complete control of your messages and the information contained within them at all times. You should always decide whether your content can be forwarded to others, copied and shared, saved to a device or the cloud, or posted online – even if you send it on to another device. With Vaporstream, your conversations, your messages and your information – your privacy – is in your hands.

As the chief executive of a global consultancy specializing in intelligence gathering and the protection of human-physical-financial assets, I truly have a zero margin for error in the manner I communicate with colleagues and clients. It is because of this that all such dialog is done through Vaporstream because they are without peer in the private messaging vertical. There is simply no other solution for the educated consumer.
Paul Michael Viollis Sr.
Chief Executive Officer, Viollis Group International

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