By Galina Datskovsky

Welcome to the first of what we intend to make a series of exciting and provocative discussions regarding security, privacy, confidentiality and compliance. We take these issues very seriously and want to share our vision with you.

At Vaporstream® we all believe:

1. That YOU should be in control of every conversation you have.
2. That you deserve privacy in a world that’s very concerned with your private information.
3. That it shouldn’t be difficult to have a private conversation, no matter where you are or when you need to have it.
4. That your safety is paramount.
5. That some things in life don’t need a “Share” button.

We invite you to comment and ask questions along the way so that we can start an interactive conversation but first I want to ask you a question.

Have you ever had a need to share a piece of private information?

Well, about two years ago, when I was at a different company, one of my customers needed to send me his companies banking information. He included the name and address of the bank, the SWIFT number, the account number and other highly sensitive information and he TEXTED it to me. I thought it strange that he would do that, however, I had to use the information, and never thought anything further about it until two weeks ago. I did a search of my texts for some piece of information and this text exchange came up. I thought to myself, wow, I should really not have this information any longer. I certainly did not remember to delete it, but then again it was not MY information. This kind of information should have expired and self-destructed. So enter Vaporstream. You can now have a secure, private, confidential conversation and know that it will not remain on someone’s device all this time. In fact it will age out and disappear, or you can simply shred it when you are ready. We keep those conversations that need strict confidentiality and privacy just so; private and confidential.

If you want to discuss a health issue with your family, go ahead and feel free to confidentially text. If you want to discuss a super sensitive deal, no problem. The messages you send cannot be forwarded, copied or stored by unauthorized users. So go ahead and send that credit card number to your child, rather than shout it out in a crowded lounge at the airport. Or better yet, send her a screen shot that is obfuscated – which means she cannot even take a screen shot of it for future use.

But what about Compliance you say? What if you are a patient care provider and you MUST have a record of the highly confidential discussions you had regarding the care of a particular patient? Well, an organization can record a single secure copy of record and store it in the appropriate repository where it stores other copies of record. It can then apply retention to the communication in a safe and secure format. If you are an individual user don’t let this alarm you – there is no way to record what you personally send to your circle of friends and we at Vaporstream do not store your information and do not even have the keys.

So check us out. Start communicating with your friends and business associates and let us know what you think. More on privacy and security in future blogs. I invite you to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and join us at local events.