When an out-of-course event like a cyberattack, a natural disaster or manmade emergency hits, businesses have to respond immediately, communicating with different groups and making high-pressure decisions without violating any kind of regulations. Traditional communication tools such as phones, scanners, faxes, and pagers are antiquated, inefficient and error prone – making it difficult for incident response teams to meet compliance requirements and focus on the event at hand. Vaporstream’s automated multichannel notifications and independent secure communications channel enable rapid private collaboration, enabling your team to focus on the crisis as soon as it hits.

    • Build preconfigured and automated incident notification templates to send to key groups such as emergency staff, first responders, and state and federal agencies
    • Send immediate, automated, and repeat notifications during an emergency to make sure that messages are received and responded to quickly
    • Coordinate rapid response with your team wherever they are using a secure two-way communication channel
    • Alert recipients that they’ve received a Vaporstream message through SMS/MMS and email, on mobile and desktop clients
    • Protect sensitive information about operations from third parties by communicating confidentially on a secure external network when the main network is compromised

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See what Vaporstream looks like in action and how organizations use Vaporstream to streamline their incident response.

Crisis Communications and Incident Response
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Crisis Communications and Incident Response

Learn how to minimize the impact of a disaster and maximize the efficiency of your response with Vaporstream Secure Messaging.

Optimize Secure Incident Notification and Response Coordination
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50 Industry leaders on Modernizing Incident Response
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Revolutionizing Emergency Response
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Vaporstream has helped us meet our goal of increasing timely communication during emergency situations. Knowing we had their product to rely on during hurricanes, lava flow crisis and general internal communications has helped us to place our focus on what really matters. The product is easy and intuitive to use, and the customer service provided by the Vaporstream team is outstanding.
Shirley Dellinger
Director of Operations, Hawaii Care Choices

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