Vaporstream is an enterprise communication platform that enables private business conversations.

VS Messaging

VS Messaging leverages advanced content controls and enterprise policies to provide you with a private, seamless and intuitive messaging application that meets your business’ needs. Advanced content controls prevent users from storing information on their devices, saving it to the cloud, or sharing it with unintended recipients. Your enterprise policies for message expiration, group collaboration and external communications enable your users to have private, confidential business conversations without fear.

VS Compliance

Businesses that need to meet complex organizational, legal and regulatory requirements, as well as complex organizational policies, must have an enterprise communication platform that supports those needs. VS Compliance enables you to archive messages into a repository of your choice. With VS Compliance, you store and control your archive so that you can seamlessly integrate with your preexisting compliance workflows and tools.

VS Concierge

VS Concierge leverages VS Messaging to securely transmit documents from a mobile device to any system of record. Once a document is transmitted to a system of record, it is instantly deleted from the sending device; documents are never stored locally or uploaded to the cloud. Users can scan or attach documents such as insurance cards or financial forms which are then routed to a predesignated system of record and automatically processed according to predefined workflows.

VS Engage

Vaporstream offers an automated mass notification product for incident response, business continuity and other critical communications. VS Engage streamlines communications during an event and mobilizes teams by sending mass notifications using preconfigured templates via email, SMS/MMS text and VS Messaging. Recipients can reply to notifications using VS Messaging, enabling continuous collaboration throughout an event. With VS Engage, you get detailed delivered/read reports to track message receipts during an event. In instances where your network is compromised, VS Engage provides an alternate two-way secure communication channel to resolve an event without fear of surveillance or leaks.

VS Engage features automated customer outreach and engagement workflows such as sending healthcare patients an automated series of preconfigured messages for pre- and post-surgical instructions. External users can reply to preconfigured messages; those replies are automatically routed to the appropriate person or department to continue the conversation, creating a secure two-way communication channel. By automating routine two-way communications, organizations can focus more of their resources on revenue-generating activities.

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