COVID-19 screening is becoming a daily reality. In some states and workplaces – including healthcare facilities and workplaces that provide childcare services – screening is even a mandated requirement. These screenings must remain confidential in order to protect your business and make sure employees feel comfortable sharing sensitive information, but calling individual employees each morning is time consuming and even impractical.

That’s why Vaporstream built an automated daily COVID-19 screening tool that enables you confidentially screen employees using just their mobile device.

    • Send out an automated daily survey with a series of screening questions that employees can respond to directly from their phone
    • Ensure that all information sent to and from mobile devices remains confidential and is protected from potential breaches
    • Automate responses to employees who report COVID-19 symptoms to let them know they should remain at home and that a response plan has been initiated
    • Initiate confidential and secure communications with employees reporting symptoms directly through Vaporstream to guide them through your action plan and any follow up requirements
    • Store responses in a secure repository that can be audited to show compliance with screening requirements and follow-up protocols

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