Healthcare workers are turning to technology to address the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. The pandemic is providing unique challenges—like finding ways to screen and treat patients while still containing the virus. Private communications tools can help healthcare workers address these challenges while providing quality care to patients. Here’s how.


It Enables Two-Way Private Communications Between People and Healthcare Workers

With contagion a serious concern, it’s important for people who are concerned that they’re exhibiting symptoms to be able to reach out to healthcare workers. That way healthcare workers can assess peoples’ situations, provide advice, and determine if someone should come in for clinical treatment.


It Automates Private Communications that Keeps People Informed

During times of crisis misinformation can quickly spread. Healthcare workers providing treatment don’t have time to individually reach out to people with information on how to protect themselves—but automated private communications can keep people in the loop with steps on how to protect themselves. And for patients who need reminders about their treatment, automated communications is a great way to make sure they remember to take any prescribed medications.


It Makes Collaboration Easy

During a time of crisis, healthcare workers could be in different places at different times—but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to collaborate. A doctor might want a second opinion, for example. A private communication tool makes it simple for healthcare workers to share sensitive documents and images to ensure the best possible care for patients.


Vaporstream speeds up collaboration, automates private communications and makes it simple to send documents and images to the right place. Healthcare workers can easily and quickly communicate—whether to communicate with people showing symptoms or share sensitive health information with other health care workers. It’s simple to automate communications with Vaporstream and VS Concierge lets home healthcare agencies easily send documents, images and files that can automatically be sent to EHR or a billing system, speeding up workflows and freeing up care team members. Learn more about how we can help you provide quality care here.