The COVID pandemic was the catalyst for the Telehealth explosion – back in April 2020 telehealth service grew by more than 4000%. Now Telehealth is here to stay and it brings a lot of benefits with it – like healthcare organizations being able to see in just ten minutes the same amount of patients they normally see in a month. But healthcare providers are less than satisfied with what may be the new status quo – a recent survey found that only 26% of providers are satisfied with telehealth. Part of this may have to do with the burnout that is frequently associated with telehealth – when healthcare organizations opt for telehealth services that are difficult to use, it can actually hinder, rather than help care teams. So, how can organizations opt for telehealth services that bring all the benefits without the risk of burnout? Let’s take a look.

Telehealth Causes Burnout When the Technology is Frustrating

Telehealth is supposed to make life easier – making healthcare simply a click of a button away- but the reality is with the wrong technology it makes life harder. Telehealth that regularly glitches, requires lengthy and frustrating authentication processes, or require access to a computer can quickly drive tensions for healthcare providers. The result is burnout, which can have serious consequences, including higher turnover and doctors being more likely to make mistakes. These consequences are expensive.

The Right Technology Brings You All the Benefits

Making telehealth work is about finding the right technology. A strong telehealth solution doesn’t require care providers and their patients to rely on new equipment, maneuver complicated authentication processes, or even take time to learn to use. It’s intuitive and it works on tools you already have – like your smartphone, making the adaption process seamless. When you opt for the right kind of telehealth services, the benefits come easy. Healthcare providers can see a higher number of patients, patients have higher satisfaction, leading to higher patient return rates and physicians are happier, which leads to better quality care.

Vaporstream Helps Prevent Telehealth Burnout

Vaporstream works closely with healthcare providers to make sure their telehealth needs are met and avoid burnout. Our technology is simple and easy-to-use with no complicated authentication processes while till fully HIPAA-Compliant. The result is happier physicians, nurses, patients and other careteam members and a great ROI. Learn more how we can support your healthcare organization here:

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