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Vaporstream is proud to participate in and present a variety of events, including trade shows, webinars and panels. Our events span topics from healthcare compliance to nuclear energy to cybersecurity and GDPR. We pride ourselves on providing participants with an engaging experience where they can learn about the differences between security and privacy, how to protect their organization and understand how Vaporstream fits into that picture. Learn more about our upcoming events below.

October 20, 2020

EWF Virtual Conference

The Executive Women’s Forum (EWF) Conference provides the most comprehensive and unbiased overview of the current industry landscape for executive women business decision-makers and practitioners.

Vaporstream CEO Galina Datskovsky will be speaking remotely at the 2020 conference.

October 26, 2020

ARMA InfoCon 2020

Big Data: Keep or Sell? You Be the Judge!

Join Vaporstream CEO Dr. Galina Datskovsky and Ronald J. Hedges, Senior Counsel, Dentons US, LLP for an interactive presentation examining the privacy concepts and case law involving big data, both human- and IOT-generated, how AI is necessary to do the right kind of data mining, and the implications to traditional concepts of Information Governance.

August 3, 2020

NIRMA Annual Conference

The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) is excited to partner with NIRMA to provide information about ICRM certification and its relevancy, value and benefits to those Records and Information Management (RIM) professionals working in the nuclear industry. Join Vaporstream CEO Dr. Galina Datskovsky as she explores how processes like ERO notification and activation can be accomplished through mobile technologies.

Dr. Galina Datskovsky will be speaking remotely on the following:

12:00-1:00pm EST – “Recordkeeping in the Fast-Changing Mobile World”– Galina Datskovsky, Ph.D., CRM, FAI, CEO Vaporstream, Inc.

4:45-5:35pm EST – “Evaluating Emerging Record Formats” – Galina Datskovsky, Ph.D., CRM, FAI, CEO Vaporstream, Inc.

June 4, 2020

Webinar: Texting and Records Management

Especially now, text messaging is essential communication for continuity of operations, but agencies have no control over the information. These messages are typically owned by communications companies who do not provide a means of agency review, disposal, or archiving. Listen to Vaporstream CEO Dr. Galina Datskovsky discuss how agencies can implement a private, secure, reliable and compliant text communications solution they can control.

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