Earlier this week, Vaporstream CEO Dr. Galina Datskovsky sat down with journalist Angela Scott-Briggs at TechBullion to discuss how businesses are increasingly turning to secure messaging in the age of COVID and remote work. They covered how to tackle the pros and cons of disappearing messages and why compliance is one of the biggest drivers behind businesses adopting Vaporstream. Read on for the highlights.

Popular Messaging Apps Fall Short in Corporate Settings

“Many businesses have compliance requirements, regulatory or organizational, that they have to meet. When you implement a messaging platform, you need to ask how you will capture records or do legal holds,” Dr. Datskovsky points out – and popular messaging apps don’t meet compliance requirements. This can lead to all kinds of unwanted situations for regulated industries – like heavy fines for failing to meet compliance requirements.

Messaging Apps Aren’t Always What They Say

Messaging solutions must be both secure and private for enterprise firms. The problem is, Dr. Datskovsky notes, that not everyone understands the nuances of security and privacy – in part because consumer applications are falsely promoted as private. While security means limiting unauthorized access to data through processes like encryption or VPNS, privacy is about maintaining control of your data at all times – including how it’s processed, stored and transmitted. While many consumer applications are encrypted, once messages land on other devices, you have no control over where that information is going – it could be shared, screenshotted, forwarded or even breached by hackers. That means the application isn’t actually private.

Combining Compliance and Disappearing Messages is Great for Enterprise

“Not only can those two things coexist, but the enterprise thrives when they come together,” she states. Take Vaporstream, for example, which offers disappearing messages while ensuring the option of keeping a single copy of each message in a repository for businesses to meet compliance requirements. “Disappearing messaging apps eliminate the headaches of convenience copies, as well,” adds Dr. Datskovsky “If you have compliance, disappearing messages are extremely valuable.” It’s a win-win for the enterprise.

Dr. Datskovsky goes on to cover how different industries such as healthcare, energy and corporate use secure messaging apps for in Vaporstream Aims to Put Private, Compliant Conversations Into the Hands of the Enterprise.