The desire to communicate via text has surged among clients in the financial industry over the past year. Demands for a more efficient, but still secure and compliant, way to communicate while on the go have sparked many discussions for banks, financial advisors and the like. With the need for secure, real-time communications growing, financial institutions of all types are turning to secure messaging solutions.

As an example, Wealth Managers have always been required to utilize a secure portal or call clients when confirming account information, discussing transaction details and confirming large transfers. This out of date approach often results in delays for both the customer and the financial professional as on the go professionals are typically reliant on their smartphones and prefer to use text to communicate. Playing phone tag to respond to voice mail or waiting to access a portal is not efficient when managing someone’s wealth. With the Vaporstream platform, a Wealth Manager can communicate with their clients in a secure, compliant, leak proof manner via text instead of phone or email.

Using Secure Messaging eliminates the risks associated with regular SMS text, allowing for a financial institution to leverage modern day communications without risking leaks of sensitive information. The sender is in complete control of the conversation at all times, and all texts are captured and archived to the institutions repository of record for compliance purposes.

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