90 percent of all cyberattacks begin with email phishing. In the energy and utilities sector especially, phishing risks are becoming a national security concern. In order to help power and utility companies to mitigate this great risk, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Electric Reliability Corporation have issued guidelines and regulations on attack reporting and incident response, and even intelligence sharing.

While new regulations and guidelines are being put in place, many workers are now reducing their dependence on email and have chosen to utilize SMS texting in order to expedite time-sensitive communications. In fact this is occurring in many industries as 80 percent of workers use SMS text as a standard part of doing business. However, it is important to note that SMS texts are still vulnerable to what is called ‘smishing’ attacks, leaving organizations open to attack at a greater scale. Many are turning to secure messaging platforms in order to address this complicated problem of securely sharing sensitive business information without fear of leaks, surveillance or attack

Enterprise-scale, proven secure messaging platforms mitigate risk by taking communications outside of where they are most vulnerable – email and SMS text. With a secure messaging platform, such as Vaporstream, threats are completely eliminated by only allowing approved senders access to an organization’s platform, enabling only them to send messages. This prevents man-in-the-middle attacks that often occur when an unencrypted SMS text is sent on an open network. Secure messaging platforms also ensure that all messages are captured and archived in the organization’s repository of record for an organization’s compliance, legal and business purposes. In moments of incident response, Vaporstream also allows for rapid notifications, without worry of a third-party leak or surveillance.

Cyber threats compromise an organizations integrity, confidentiality and personnel safety. Secure messaging platforms provide an organization with the opportunity to make significant risk reductions by eliminating vulnerabilities while ensuring your employees can communicate with confidence.

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Contributor: The Vaporstream Team