Natural disasters, mass shootings, and cyber-crimes are on the rise, and it isn’t just sensationalism. According to NOAA, (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), there are 10 – 15 disasters per year with costs in the billions, up from 1 or 2 in the 1980s. Not only that, but according to the LA Times, mass shootings are becoming more frequent, and deadlier. Add that into the pot with the numerous cyber-crimes against big and small businesses alike, and it’s time to create a plan.

The issue we face as a population is how to communicate efficiently and securely during these calamities. Communication is a common point of failure in many incidents – either due to lack of planning, lack of training or lack of appropriate technologies to support what is actually needed. A business must focus on minimizing the impact to their customers, employees and bottom line while crisis responders must act quickly – whether to save lives or to keep a business operational – or both –all depending on the crisis at hand. To facilitate this, it is necessary to use a reliable communication channel that provides rapid, secure, and compliant collaboration in order to help ensure positive outcomes.

The need for privacy and secure communications these days is higher than it’s ever been. While encryption has become the standard, unfortunately it is not enough. Cue Vaporstream.

Vaporstream is a secure communication platform that automates and secures critical communications, independent of your network, to ensure that communication is expedited during an event. Communications are encrypted to protect from man in the middle attacks, however Vaporstream also provides unique and advanced controls to remove the risk of unintended propagation. With Vaporstream, data leaks simply cannot occur. This allows your executive and strategic teams to collaborate about an incident, without concerns that your discussions will end up in the hands of the media, a competitor, a cyber terrorist or become the source of a panic.

To learn more about Vaporstream’s Secure Communication Platform and how it is used for secure notification during any incident, view our video or contact us for more information.