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August 23, 2018
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HIPAA Compliant

Patient data and communications must travel at the speed of need. With increased threat of breach, ransomware and rising healthcare needs, secure, HIPAA compliant and efficient communications are an imperative for every healthcare organization.

Incident Notification
Energy and Utilities

Vaporstream enables energy and utilities personnel to securely communicate in times of crisis for optimal response - in real-time. When a disruption in operations occurs, notifications, response and recovery communications can now be handled immediately to ensure the safety and health of staff and the community at large.

Secure & Compliant
Financial Sevices

Vaporstream provides financial institutions with secure and compliant text messaging for business. With increased pressure to provide new, secure and innovative services, Vaporstream specializes in Wealth Management, Broker Dealer and Insurance communications with clients.

Corporate Collaboration

As BYOD and COPE become standard practice in the workplace, finding a messaging solution that empowers executives, employees and clients to communicate in a secure, confidential manner is paramount. Vaporstream's encrypted platform safeguards mobile collaboration and communication from leaks and surveillance while on the go.

Secure Campus
Higher Education

Universities have a responsibility for the well-being and operation of the Campus. University administration must be equipped to safely and effectively communicate with faculty and students, especially during out-of-course events that require immediate action and rapid response.

Leak Proof Communication

Official discussions concerning the country's safety and defenses, policies, legislation etc. must occur via private, secure channels. In a world threatened by increased cyber attacks, federal agencies must be able to securely text, protected against third party surveillance as well as internal leaks.

White Paper

Read to learn how real-time, compliant communication can mitigate widespread misinformation and strengthen your organization’s incident response plan.

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Data Sheet

Discover Vaporstream Engage and learn more about automated text in Healthcare

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Data Sheet

Find out more about Vaporstream Engage and the use of Text Automation in Incident Notification and Response.

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Watch to learn how Vaporstream can help make coordinating financial transfer confirmations fast, simple and secure.

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Secure Messaging

Our unique, multi-layered, security methodology builds the powerful foundation that ensures your communications remain under your control, compliant and secure. 


Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, protecting your communications from man in the middle attacks. Vaporstream never stores your information and has no access to user content. A new key is generated for each message.


Beyond encryption, Vaporstream puts the organization in complete control of its content, its storage and its use - at all times. Advanced controls remove the risk of propagation. Data leaks simply cannot occur.


With ephemeral messaging, messages never remain on servers or devices. Alleviating clutter and risk, messages vaporize automatically after a predetermined interval of time, based on your corporate policies.


A single copy of messages can be archived to a client-designated 'repository of record' to meet regulatory, legal and business mandates. Compliance reporting and analytics are made available for audit purposes.

Hit The Send Button With Confidence

Securely Text

Start one-to-one and group chats with colleagues, clients and other third parties

Attach Content

Securely and easily send attachments - without compromise.

Expire Content

Automate expiration based on policies, and shred messages from all devices -on demand -whether read or not

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Stop Data Leaks

Maintain control over your data and how it is used, preventing unintended content proliferation and breach

Image Protection

Associate images with texts while keeping them off device camera rolls or the cloud with our in-app camera.


Send mass group announcements for information sharing and notifications

Ensuring Critical Communications Never Cease 

Named the most innovative messaging security solution by CDM in 2017 and third party certified by ethical hacking specialists NowSecure, Vaporstream is trusted for its above and beyond approach to security and privacy.  Used by organizations across all industries for its secure, confidential and compliant platform, Vaporstream provides  robust solutions that increase efficiency, business outcomes and revenue.  

As an independent SaaS solution, Vaporstream keeps communications flowing – when the unexpected occurs, when your clients expect rapid response, when a patient is ill and when that critical business decision needs to be made – ensuring that vital communications never cease.


See How Customers Communicate with Vaporstream

Keeping Business Communications Confidential

Transfer of Care, Onboarding of New Patients to Home Care

Securely Confirm Financial Transactions

Use Case: Incident Notification and Response

Automate Vital Communications

Automate important communications while decreasing human error and ensuring delivery of vital information. Game changing for various medical scenarios, incident notification and response and creating loyalty with VIP clients, Vaporstream Engage enables your organization to leverage secure text in new ways to eliminate toil, increase productivity and recapture lost revenue. 
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Learn Why Organizations Choose Vaporstream for Their Secure Messaging Needs

Built by security and compliance experts with over 30 years of experience in the content management industry, we empower business professionals to communicate with confidence – at the speed of business.

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