Keeping your business, your business.


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If a compromise in communications could
compromise your business, take no chances.

True Ephemeral Messaging
Disappearing and Traceless – no data trail left behind
No message printing, sharing, storage
Optional archiving module for e-policy compliance

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True Ephemeral Messaging
The Only Disappearing
and Traceless Messaging Platform

No message printing, sharing, or storage
Messages stream and are gone without a trace

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Only Vaporstream Delivers
True Ephemeral Messaging

No data created that can be left behind on devices or servers
Others give the illusion of disappearing messages,
but leave electronically stored information
on devices and in the messaging system
Only Vaporstream is traceless, leaving no data behind

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Enable the Flow
of Critical
Business Dialogue

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Accelerate the
strategic dialogues
driving your business

Vaporstream 2 New Secure and Temporary Chat and Image Sharing – Free Consumer App

We all have confidential, private, communications, with our families, loved ones, medical providers, lawyers and closest friends. How can we share with only those, including rich image content? Share in a manner that leaves the sender in control as to who has access and prevent unwanted forwarding, storing of images and text. Even screen capture is prevented  with Vaporstream 2 from the IOS App Store and on the Android Google Play Store.

  • Share private and confidential text and image messages
  • Prevent images from being screen captured and stored
  • Chat with one or more people, when the chat is over shred the contents from everywhere
  • No text charges for communications
  • Automatically messages and chat disappear if the conversation goes stale
  • Ultimate sender control
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True Ephemeral Messaging for Business and Professionals Disappearing and Traceless Messages Only from Vaporstream

Introducing true ephemeral messaging architected for business and professionals where messages disappear without leaving a trace. Unlike temporary messaging systems which create and then auto-delete stored message data to give the illusion of disappearing messages, Vaporstream messages never create any stored data anywhere, so there is nothing to delete. Messages are made and stream without creating a data trail.

Ephemeral Messaging for Businesses and Professionals Revolutionary Patented Streaming Technology Only from Vaporstream



Disappearing and traceless messages. Messages are temporary with no data or meta data trail created.



Patented technology creates and streams ephemeral messages so no data is captured anywhere.



Messages are encrypted at rest and in-transit; header and body are encrypted and routed separate from one another.



Messages with attachments travel securely across a wide range of supported devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.



No printing. No sharing. No storage.



Optional Governance Module affords companies the ability to tag and archive messages to meet policy requirements.

The ONLY True Ephemeral Messaging Platform

Many services promise ephemeral messaging but are not ephemeral. True ephemeral messages do not create data that can be left on devices or servers that can be traced. Only Vaporstream’s patented streaming technology delivers true ephemeral messaging as messages are never written to disk on devices or servers and no data is captured anywhere as the messages stream. All other technologies including those used by Snapchat, Wickr, Cyber Dust and Tiger Text are not ephemeral. They may give the illusion of disappearing, but they are traceable, leaving electronically stored information that is discoverable on devices and in the messaging system. Message data is created on the disk and has to be eliminated from disk by software in order to deliver on the promise of privacy. With true ephemeral messaging, there is nothing to delete and no forensic traceability.


A revolutionary secure streaming technology for business

Vaporstream’s patented Streaming E-Communications Platform is the only technology uniquely architected to deliver truly temporary, secure and controlled messaging across the enterprise. Vaporstream messages are uniquely ephemeral – transient messages that are in constant motion leaving no data or meta data on devices, servers or on infrastructure as they stream along the way. Encrypted at rest and in-transit, these transient messages are further protected as the header and the body are encrypted and sent separately from one another. These ephemeral messages cannot be printed, forwarded, or copied. Our optional Governance module allows messages to be tagged and archived per enterprise retention policies.


Don’t Risk Your Business in Communications

If a compromise in your communications could compromise your business, you need the privacy protection of Vaporstream. If you are doing business in China, Russia, India, Brazil or Southeast Asia, eliminate any communications risks. When something is private, covert or needs to be discussed under the radar screen, Vaporstream is the safe channel. That is why more and more companies are rapidly adding Vaporstream to their communications suite.


Trust Your Business to the Privacy Experts

Vaporstream is a technology company innovating solutions for communications privacy. We primarily build products architected to meet the demanding needs of professionals at work, where a compromise in privacy could result in devastating outcomes. Our unique ephemeral messaging platform is enabled by a patented technology allowing us to provide the ultimate privacy solution unchallenged by any other on the market today.


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