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Good Communications

is the heart of every business, but today’s email and text messaging tools
are decreasing communication's effectiveness and exposing companies
and individuals to increasing risk.

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79% of employees

confess to using email to share
company secrets with third parties

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Only Vaporstream messages
are completely secure,
temporary and contained

True end-to-end encryption. No sharing.
No storage. No printing.
No data or metadata left behind.

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Enable the Flow
of Critical
Business Dialogue

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Accelerate the
strategic dialogues
driving your business

A Revolutionary Messaging Platform Enables Greater Performance

Introducing the only e-communications platform architected to stream messages that are completely temporary, secure, and controlled. No data or meta data is left on devices, or servers. True end-to-end encryption protects messages in-transit and at rest. Messages cannot be printed, shared or stored in any way. Companies can choose the optional Governance Module to tag and retain messages per compliance policies. Vaporstream is rapidly being adopted across businesses as a critical complement to email, texting, IM and MDM deployments.

Vaporstream Opens a New World of Business Communications




Send messages with attachments across a wide range of supported devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.



Only Vaporstream provides true end-to-end encryption: at rest and in-transit. Plus, message header and body are encrypted and routed separate from one another.



Once read and replied to, the message completely vaporizes – leaving no data or meta data on receiver device.



Only on Vaporstream, messages cannot be printed, shared or stored in anyway.



Only Vaporstream messages are sent as transient data streams that flow from sender to receiver leaving no data or meta data anywhere.



Vaporstream’s optional governance module affords companies the ability to tag and archive messages to meet policy requirements.

To strengthen communication, you must protect the information

Strong communication is the heartbeat of every business, particularly when workforces are distributed, multiple teams collaborate and there is frequent sensitive or classified information being shared. Your business only moves as quickly as your strategic and sensitive business dialogue. For the first time, you have a fast, secure and contained out of band, enterprise class messaging platform to accelerate the strategic and sensitive dialogues driving your business. Unlike texting, IM and email, Vaporstream allows enterprises to send secure, controlled, temporary messages from the devices employees use and depend on every day (desktops, tablets and smartphones) with no risk of interception, printing, sharing or storage. Companies also have the option of tagging and archiving messages to meet retention requirements.

A revolutionary secure streaming technology for business

Vaporstream’s patented Streaming E-Communications Platform is the only technology uniquely architected to deliver truly temporary, secure and controlled messaging across the enterprise. Vaporstream messages are uniquely ephemeral – transient messages that are in constant motion leaving no data or meta data on devices, servers or on infrastructure as they stream along the way. Encrypted at rest and in-transit, these transient messages are further protected as the header and the body are encrypted and sent separately from one another. These ephemeral messages cannot be printed, forwarded, or copied. Our optional Governance module allows messages to be tagged and archived per enterprise retention policies.

Accelerate the Flow of Critical Dialogue and Strengthen Privacy to Drive Performance

Only Vaporstream can accelerate your business. Whether you are in the office, over the weekend, or traveling overseas, you can leverage your mobile devices and laptop to their full efficiency in a fully secure, contained and compliant manner. When users receive a Vaporstream notification, they know it’s important! It gets prompt attention, and is not buried among hundreds of emails. As more dialogue flows, business velocity increases and productivity climbs. That’s the power of secure, streamed messaging only from Vaporstream.

Vaporstream also protects your business assets, workforce and customers by protecting information as it flows across the enterprise. No undesignated sharing or storage. True end-to-end encryption to prevent intrusions. Reduced e-discovery risks especially with the optional e-governance module that allows compliant message retention. No message platform today provides the privacy protection of Vaporstream.


Trust your business to the privacy experts

Vaporstream is a business technology company improving business performance through innovations in e-communications. Our products are not technology solutions, they are business solutions made with technology to meet the needs of professionals at work. You can rely on our understanding of business principles, technology and the law to give you the most powerful and responsible e-communications solutions possible. Only Vaporstream solutions are architected to improve the velocity, security, and compliance of business dialogue.