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Vaporstream Secure Messaging is built by technology experts with over 30 years of experience in security, privacy and compliance. With privacy at the foundation of our mission, Vaporstream ensures a secure environment to communicate the most strategic, time-sensitive and confidential details that drive your business. Keeping you in control of your content at all times is critical. Concerns about information exposure, device loss or theft due to ever-increasing use of mobile devices and mobile communications are now a thing of the past with our ephemeral and encrypted text messaging capabilities.

Vaporstream now secure certified

Third-party certified by NowSecure™ for information security, Vaporstream’s patented technology and robust feature set for security, collaboration and compliance provides an encrypted text messaging platform for your teams to communicate with confidence and collaborate at the speeds demanded by today’s business.  Vaporstream puts you in control of the conversation and your content to ensure that business and client data remains secure at all times.

Vaporstream was selected as The Most Innovative Messaging Security Solution for 2017 by Cyber Defense Magazine.

now secure security and compliance

Security Certified

The Vaporstream app is security audited and third-party certified by NowSecure.

Strong Encryption

Vaporstream messages are encrypted during transmittal and at rest.
Sender Control

Sender Control

Vaporstream keeps you in control of your content and the conversation at all times. Unique to Vaporstream, sender control ensures that message recipients cannot copy, save, print, forward edit or share messages.


To protect privacy, user information and message content is kept separate and not displayed on the screen at the same time.

Image Obfuscation

Unique technology that obscures a transmitted image to ensure that it is never compromised, protecting the image against attempted screenshots and prying eyes.
security and compliance Patented screenshot protection

Screenshot Detection and Protection

Depending on the device in use, screen shots are either prohibited or detected. If detected, an attempted screenshot prompts an alert to all chat members and the offender is removed from the conversation immediately.


Senders are able to shred, or expire, messages on demand.
Ephemerality security and compliance

Ephemeral Messages

Content expiration, or ephemeral messaging, ensures that messages never remain on devices or messaging server. Self destructing messages, based on the organizations policies, alleviate the need to wipe devices when devices are lost or stolen.
Compliant texting security and compliance

Compliant Texting

The optional Information Governance Module (IGM) retains a single copy of all conversations in a secure, client-specified repository of record for safe keeping.
Admin console security and compliance

Admin Console

The Admin Console enables administrators to grant or modify Vaporstream access controls, to allow or prohibit use, control security and governance policies, and review audit activities/metrics.
security and compliance

Access Control

A unique ID for each user is created based on a previously assigned corporate email or phone number, and verified using a verification code at the time of registration.
access authentication security and compliance

Access Authentication

Only authenticated users can gain access to the Vaporstream app.
Audit controls and integrity security and compliance

Audit Controls and Integrity

Provides the ability to record and examine activity in systems using or containing ePHI. The IGM provides a permanent, secure record of all user activity for auditing and monitoring purposes.
Redundancy Fail over security and compliance

Redundancy and Fail-Over

Vaporstream services are hosted at top-tier facilities, providing state-of-the-art infrastructure to meet the highest industry standards for redundancy and fail-over.
Physical Security security and compliance

Physical Security Controls

Vaporstream services are hosted at top-tier facilities protected from unauthorized access, tampering, or theft, in accordance with the highest industry standards.
Incident response security and compliance

Security Incident Response

During emergencies, disasters and / or other out of course events, organizations can maintain access to the independent SaaS-based app for incident response, remediation and recovery.

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