In a world full of transparency, privacy has become a luxury. We are constantly surrounded by people – both in person and on-line – that would love to get their hands on our information for fun and profit. Discussions about health, legal and financial matters; mergers and acquisitions; human resources; inventions and intellectual property all demand a secure manner in which to communicate in order to ensure privacy. However, with our increasingly mobile nature it has become increasingly impossible to confine these discussions to the walls of any office, and therefore more challenging to ensure that private conversations always stay confidential.

The past two years of security breach after breach has additionally reminded us that security and privacy can not be assumed. The hacking community has sent a rather strong message driving both individuals and organizations to take action, putting security and privacy at the top of must do lists across the globe. To no one’s surprise however – increased mobility is also on those lists. The convenience, flexibility and workflow efficiency that mobile communication, texting and applications now offer, continue to drive further adoption at a pace unmatched by corporate security and governance policies.

The ability to communicate quickly, securely and in a compliant manner is extremely important for all organizations – especially as their mobile workforce continues to expand, and personal and business mobile habits combine. Worldwide, over 350 billion text messages are sent each month, with no expectation of slowing down anytime soon.

The simple truth is that texting is the new email; the new instant message; the new phone call. It allows us to get quick answers and immediate satisfaction at the touch of our fingertips. Having the tools that help you push projects and deals forward can make a huge difference in meeting and exceeding the expectations of your now mobile work teams – not to mention how you provide service to your customers. Having quick conversations and getting fast answers is now a requirement in our 24/7, global and highly competitive world.

So how does the enterprise provide the tools necessary to help ensure workforce efficiency but also protect the company and customer information? Secure, ephemeral, mobile messaging can help ensure that private conversations with peers, partners, clients and even other third parties remain confidential and secure. Keeping your business YOUR business can be difficult in today’s mobile environment, however the inability to do so can have significant impact. Enabling your mobile workforce to communicate in a confidential and compliant manner as part of bring your own device (BYOD) or company owned privately enabled (COPE) strategy can be a critical step in ensuring that private business conversations do not jeopardize security, compliance nor customer trust.

When arming your mobile workforce to get the job done, be sure to also guard your confidential information and vision until YOU are ready to share it with the world.

Providing secure, ephemeral and compliant messaging for the enterprise, Vaporstream® was created to help organizations address this specific challenge. To find out more, watch our short video on secure mobile messaging or contact us to find out how our team of experts can partner with you on your secure mobile messaging strategy.

Author–Kristi Perdue Hinkle