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AccuImage, Vaporstream Team for Secure SMS


(Article originally published on Tech Target by John Moore October 14, 2016)

AccuImage LLC, a business process consulting firm based in Nashville, Tenn., has partnered with software as a service provider Vaporstream in the secure messaging space.

Roy Payne, CEO of AccuImage, which works with clients on their regulatory and compliance challenges, said his company provides customers secure and accessible storage for critical business data throughout its lifecycle. The addition of Vaporstream to AccuImage’s portfolio of offerings will extend the company’s services to include SMS text data.

“We have seen … the growing importance of SMS-type data in today’s business environment,” Payne said. “In our opinion, SMS texting is the last frontier and the last mile” with respect to business communications data that organizations can effectively manage.

Vaporstream Secure Messaging provides secure chat, encrypting SMS text messages at rest and while they are being transmitted, according to the company. In addition, Vaporstream said its secure messaging product lets the sender control messages in that recipients can’t copy, save, print, forward, edit or share messages. Senders can also delete messages from recipient devices after delivery.

AccuImage aims to provide Vaporstream’s secure text messaging capabilities to its customers, Payne noted. But the company also plans to use Vaporstream’s Information Governance Module (IGM) to let customers integrate SMS text data with the business record and integrate texts transmitted via Vaporstream into the customer’s repository of record. Texts could be housed in a customer’s enterprise content management system, for example.

Vaporstream’s IGM allows a single copy of the customer’s Vaporstream messages to be captured — including metadata and images/documents — from the Vaporstream cloud server prior to content expiration, Payne said. The IGM, a preconfigured virtual machine, is installed on-premises on the customer’s hardware.

Payne said Vaporstream’s technology captures SMS data on the fly, so a customer can proactively manage text conversations and maintain compliance with the relevant regulatory framework, whether FINRA, HIPAA or PCI.

“That is the … key benefit of the relationship,” he said.

Liz Lederer, senior vice president, channel sales and partners, at Vaporstream said the company has about 18 technology partners and regional partners actively working with its offering. Lederer, who joined the company in April 2016, said the goal for her channel partnership strategy is to “get this first group of partners up and running.”