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Gain complete control over how conversations are stored, shared, deleted and retained – inside and outside your enterprise.

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The Platform of Choice for Secure Enterprise Texting
Vaporstream keeps you in control of the conversation, your data and its use at all times. By leveraging the efficiency of modern-day messaging while ensuring that business information and sensitive data are always secure, confidential and compliant, organizations can communicate without fear of surveillance or information leaks. In an era of complex and aggressive security threats, complicated by rising demands for mobile agility, innovative client-engagement and immediate decision-making and response-times,  Vaporstream keeps you communicating with confidence.
Communicate with Confidence

Empower your teams to collaborate in a secure and compliant manner and automate workflows to increase engagement and revenue.  

How We Can Help

Keeping Business Communications Confidential

Transfer of Care, Onboarding of New Patients to Home Care

Secure Coordination of Care with the Entire Circle of Care

Securely Confirm Financial Transactions

Vaporstream It
And Control The Conversation
See Vaporstream in action and find out how our customers harness confidential, leakproof and compliant messaging to conduct business.
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Whitepaper: Confidential and Compliant Communications in a BYOD World

As BYOD becomes increasingly common in the workforce, challenges around compliance and security have sprung up. Secure mobile messaging addresses these challenges.

Podcast: Private Chatting...Oxymoron or Not

Dr. Galina Datskovsky CEO of Vaporstream discusses the importance of protecting personal information from man-in-the-middle attack with security expert Paul Viollis.

Vaporstream Continues to Shine As a Winner of Cyber Defense Magazine’s 2019 Infosec Awards

Vaporstream received an award for Best Product in Messaging Security from the Cyber Defense Magazine 2019 Infosec Awards.

News: Why Businesses Need Secure Messaging That Goes Beyond Encryption

End-to-end encryption and ephemerality is not enough when it comes to enterprise-grade secure messaging. Full control of shared data is necessary, as well.

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When it comes to workplace communication, tools like Slack don’t protect your intellectual property. Here’s why.

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A secure communications channel is a must for everyone--from government, to corporate, to consumer. Here's why.

Blog: Secure Communications in the Age of Digital Footprints

Vaporstream CEO Dr. Datskovsky’s webinar “Secure Communications in an Insecure World” addresses encryption, compliance and secure communications.

Blog: Ephemeral Messaging

Ephemeral messaging involves sending messages that do not remain on the sender or the receiver’s devices including text messages and messages with images.