Vaporstream: The Secure Communication Platform 

Vaporstream® is a secure, ephemeral, and compliant communication platform that your work teams can use on their smartphones, tablets or desktops. 

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The Platform of Choice for Secure Enterprise Texting

Vaporstream keeps you in control of the conversation, your data and its use – at all times. Leverage the efficiency of modern-day messaging while ensuring that business information and sensitive data are always secure, confidential and compliant, organizations can communicate without fear of surveillance or information leaks. Built by technology experts with over 30 years of experience in security, privacy, and compliance, Vaporstream is recognized for its patented, ephemeral communication platform and innovative security. It’s SaaS-based solutions offer the advanced, multi-layered, security and best-in-class infrastructure needed to meet the most complex legal, regulatory and mobile workforce requirements of any industry.  

In an era of complex and aggressive security threats, complicated by rising demands for mobile agility, innovative client-engagement and immediate decision making and response-times, the Vaporstream Platform keeps organizations communicating with confidence. 

Communicate with Confidence

  Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce by expediting knowledge sharing, response times and decision-making – without jeopardizing security or compliance. 


Discover the power of Vaporstream as it enables your teams to collaborate and communication in a secure and compliant manner as well as automate workflows to increase engagement and revenue.  

See Customer Use Cases in Action

Keeping Business Communications Confidential

Transfer of Care, Onboarding of New Patients to Home Care

Secure Coordination of Care with the Entire Circle of Care

Secure Coordination of Care with the Entire Circle of Care

Why Vaporstream?
Your Business Should Stay Your Business

In this fast-paced world, Vaporstream empowers you to have asynchronous, secure and private communications to conduct business – no matter where you are. Explore how the Vaporstream Secure Messaging Platform keeps conversations secure and private while doing business in your industry.

Automation Of Vital Communications

Clear communication is the foundation of successful outcomes. The Vaporstream Platform enables your organization to systematically engage with staff, patients or clients to ensure that vital information is flowing – precisely when needed. Decrease errors and ensure timely delivery by setting up a series of automated, secure and compliant communications for delivery based on a schedule or specific type of event. 
Increase efficiencies, engagement, loyalty and revenue by automating communications while your staff focuses on the priorities at hand.


Healthcare Communications

Streamline healthcare communications - from pre- and post-surgical workflows to appointment reminders and chronic condition management. Increase staff productivity, secure patient engagement and compliance while improving patient outcomes and your bottom line.

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Incident Notifications

Protect against leaks and surveillance. Automate your mass communications to ensure that resources can be deployed and focused in times of crisis. Decrease human error, meet regulatory demands for compliance, and increase response times.

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