HiMSS – a tech-enabled vision of health potential. As health spending approaches 20% of the US GDP, health Technology innovation has become a visible lever for its curtailment. At this annual HiMSS event those with comfortable shoes could see a plethora of ways to improve outcomes, lower costs, change behaviors, engage patients, streamline the back office processes, about telehealth, confronting the onslaught of security breaches, sessions on population health, healthcare transformation and improved care delivery workflow. This was an opulent show, spanning a 1300-participant exhibit hall with major player (anchor) exhibitor booth investments writ large. Here are seven interesting examples that could benefit the older adult market– listed in alphabetical order:

Beyond Verbal. An ’emotions analytics’ vendor, the software “turns any smartphone or mic-equipped wearable device into an emotional wellbeing sensor using technology that doesn’t consider the actual content or context of spoken word, but instead studies intonation in the voice. The company has two free, consumer-facing apps, Moodie and Empath and one for clinicians called Beyond Clinic. The goal is to enable voice-powered devices and apps to interact with the user on an emotional level, “just as humans do.” Learn more at Beyond Verbal.

Higi. “Surpassing 10,000 retail locations this year and rapidly approaching 200 million individual screenings since the company was founded four years ago, higi has the largest health station network in the United States, including more than 50 food, drug and mass retail banners. Combined with health and activity data linked to a user’s account from 70 different devices and apps, higi’s data is drawing the broader healthcare community into the higi ecosystem for population health, chronic care, and disease prevention solutions.” Learn more at higi.

IBM Watson Health and Global Ageing. In 2015, IBM Research followed up on its initiative to deliver iPads to 5 million Japanese seniors. “The nationwide infrastructure of Japan Post Group and its ability to cover the “last mile” with a custom iPad tablet/application to virtually every citizen of Japan.” IBM now has a Global Ageing Initiative as part of IBM Watson Health group. Lilian Myers heads that effort, which helps governments, industries, and companies around the world, as they seek to develop products (like SimpleC) and tech-enabled services for consumers in the new ‘longevity economy.’ Learn more at IBM Watson Health.

Orbita Voice and Lenovo Health. “Lenovo’s Smart Assistant, first previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, is a voice-controlled speaker for the home that combines the Amazon Alexa voice platform with Lenovo styling and Harman Kardon speaker technology. Orbita’s Voice is a voice experience manager builds on other voice-assistant platforms like Amazon Alexa to enable intuitive, patient-centric home care experiences designed to improve patient engagement, care coordination and outcomes.” Learn more at HealthIT News.

Reflexion Health. “Virtual physical therapy provider Reflexion Health is an industry-leading digital healthcare company dedicated to transforming traditional medicine and improving clinical outcomes. We specialize in using motion-tracking technology to create innovative digital health solutions that help patients receive the benefits of physical therapy in the safety and comfort of their own home.” Learn more about tele-rehabilitation at Reflexion Health.

Stratus Video – multi-language interpreter services. “Stratus Video telehealth services leverage everyday technology like tablets, smartphones, and laptops quickly and easily access needed specialists to translate in as many as 200 languages – enabling communication between patients and providers. Our integrated solutions also allow one of our medical specialty interpreters to be added to any conversation, resulting in improved patient engagement and outcomes.” Learn more at Stratus Video.

Vaporstream. “Vaporstream provides secure, ephemeral and compliant messaging for the enterprise. We empower business professionals to communicate with confidence. By securely leveraging one of the most prominent 21st-century communication channels – text messaging – Vaporstream® Secure Messaging enables your business to streamline workflows, ensure confidentiality and remain compliant while you collaborate.”
Learn More at Vaporstream.
(Blog originally published in Aging In Place Technology Watch by Laurie Orlov February 23, 2017)