Increase Productivity and Revenue

An exorbitant amount of time is spent on important, but otherwise mundane tasks – follow up phone calls, tracking down people and much more – time that could otherwise be used to support high priority tasks or revenue generating activities. The Vaporstream Platform helps you uniquely automate these important tasks to more efficiently execute what could otherwise be described as “toil” and better utilitze resources. Vaporstream Engage and Vaporstream Concierge, key components of the Vaporstream Platform, helps you securely contact staff, clients, third parties or even internal corporate systems in an automated manner to eliminate workflows and improve efficiency. 

Secure, precise and more effective communications that let you reach more recipients with less resources to keep vital information flowing – securely.  


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Improve Your Incident Notification and Response Times

Transform your incident notification process to meet today’s evolving security and regulatory requirements.  Automate mass notifications to all warning points, emergency management and regulators to increase response times and decrease human errors, all while keeping communications compliant and free from surveillance or leaks.


The amount of time care team members spend each day calling patients.

Find out how automated patient outreach and engagement enables providers to re-purpose resource time and focus on billable patient care activities to increase productivity and revenue.

Keep your patients on track before, after and throughout the management of care. 

Our Customers' Success is Our Passion

Engage With Your Patients in New, Secure Ways

Pre & Post Surgical Workflows

Support patient preparation for surgical events to decrease cancelled surgeries and readmissions

Chronic Condition Management

Deliver precise instructions when needed to improve outcomes for these patients i.e. Cancer, Diabetes

Medication Reminders

Automate medication reminders for surgical events, elderly, clinical trials and chronic conditions

Status Updates

Automate requests for information and status updates from patients that can be monitored and included with the patient record

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Appointment Reminders

Keep appointments flowing and patients on track with precisely timed reminders and instructions

Educational Programs

Keep patients better informed and engaged for improved patient satisfaction and outcomes

Motivational Programs

Keep patients engaged with healthy activities by sending automated texts to encourage desired behavior and support goals

Emergency Notification

Keep in touch with remote patients easily during emergency scenarios and institute safety check-ins as required

Vaporstream It

Find out how others are using Vaporstream Platform to increase efficiency, better engage with third parties, communicate directly with corporate business systems  and reclaim valuable resources in time and money. 
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Chronic and more complex care needs are on the rise and healthcare staff do not have time to individually text patients with multiple reminders about medication adherence or appointments. Read on to find out how healthcare providers can give excellent care while reducing lost revenue and readmissions.

Blog: Text Matters: Engagement with Surgery Patients

Text messaging is a simple way to keep people informed and on-track. In fact, it has been shown that patient reminders via text are preferred to other alternatives. This is not a surprise when you consider that 99% of mobile text messages are opened and 90% of them are read within three minutes of being received.

Blog: Energy and Utilities Use Case: Notifying in Time

The energy and utilities industry needs to have an efficient communication system to reach out to those affected when an emergency—such as a system failure, a natural disaster or man-made event—occurs.