Reliable and Secure Communications for Energy 

Rapid Notifications and Communications That Matter Most

Energy companies contend with evolving threats such as cyber events, terrorist attacks and natural disasters. Meeting  emergency preparedness requirements for these events can be challenging. During an event, you need fast, easily repeatable processes that minimize or eliminate the potential for error. You need to notify your warning points and other stakeholders, confirm  receipt and acknowledgement – and create a secure two-way channel for post-notification follow up. Traditional processes such as phone chains, scanners, faxes, and pagers are antiquated, inefficient and error prone. That is why Vaporstream built a modernized, reliable and cost-effective solution that makes it easy for you to enhance the notification distribution process, share two-way information, improve  awareness, and quickly collaborate, no matter where you are.
  • Meet regulatory requirements and minimize the potential for error with repeatable processes that increase speed, reduce resource requirements and improve visibility

  • Communicate via mobile devices, tablets and/or desktops using a secure two-way channel from anywhere, including “ad hoc” emergency facility locations

  • Securely and privately communicate with separate groups of stakeholders, such as executive management and offsite agency leads, at the same time

  • Reliably communicate at all times whether your network is available or not

  • Maintain a complete audit trail of each process, a record of all communications and produce powerful metrics reporting for compliance purposes

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Nuclear Event Notification and Follow-Up

Vaporstream goes beyond notifications in order to provide you with a robust communications platform that minimizes the potential for error, increases readiness and reliability, and enhances security. Find out how Vaporstream can help you:

  • Reduce current process from up to 15 minutes to just a few minutes

  • Free up resources to focus on the event, not the notifications

  • Implement  electronic forms with multi-channel distribution options

  • Confirm delivery and read acknowledgements in real-time

Crisis Communications and Response Coordination

See how you can minimize the impact of different crises and optimize your emergency preparedness and response coordination with Vaporstream.
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Secure Crisis Communications: Changing the Game in Energy and Utilities

Rapid and efficient communication – routine and during an event – is more critical than ever. Learn how to you can mitigate widespread misinformation and strengthen your emergency preparedness.
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Hear firsthand how others are using Vaporstream to modernize their emergency preparedness, incident notification and response coordination.
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