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Secure Communications in Energy and Utilities 

Ensure Rapid Communications When They Matter Most

During a crisis – secure, swift and accurate communication is vital. Changing conditions that typify health, safety, security and environmental incidents demand rapid, efficient communications and coordination with diverse, geographically dispersed teams in compliance with mandated regulatory policies. In the new age of cyber terrorism, these communications must be protected from surveillance from the bad actors that may be the cause of the breach or incident. And with the increase in natural disasters and cyber events, as well as aging infrastructure, antiquated methods of notification and communication such as fax, email or SMS text simply do not provide the security nor speed required.

The Vaporstream Secure Messaging Platform provides the confidential and real-time communications necessary to keep energy and utilities professionals and their counterparts in sync when a disruption of operations occurs. Transform the way you communicate during an incident and eliminate threats of information leaks, surveillance and non-compliance.  See why the Vaporstream Secure Messaging Platform is the system of choice for organizations seeking:
  • Secure, compliant and rapid communications between the organization and staff, warning points, emergency management offices, first responders, regulators and the community.

  • Broadcast messaging for mass notification with easy visualization and reporting on who has received and read notices, as well as time to respond.

  • Real-time collaboration during times of crisis where communications are protected against surveillance, unauthorized propagation, misuse or leaks.

  • Compliant texting with the ability to archive a copy of all texts to a client designated repository of record for compliance, audit and reporting purposes.

  • Automated communications with predefined templates, recipients and more to reduce errors and speed response to incidents.

Protecting Your Communications

Our unique, multi-layered, security builds the powerful foundation that ensures your communications remain under your control, compliant and secure. 


Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, protecting your communications from man in the middle attacks. Vaporstream never stores your information and has no access to user content. A new key is generated for each message.


Beyond encryption, Vaporstream puts the organization in complete control of its content, its storage and its use - at all times. Advanced controls remove the risk of propagation. Data leaks simply cannot occur.


Messages never remain on servers or devices. Alleviating clutter and risk, messages vaporize automatically after a predetermined interval of time, based on your corporate policies.


A single copy of messages can be archived to a client-designated 'repository of record' to meet regulatory, legal and business mandates. Compliance reporting and analytics are made available for audit purposes.

Raising the Bar on Security and Response Times

Secure Texting

Secure one-to-one and group chats provide real-time collaboration and decision making

Broadcast Mass Notifications

Send mass group announcements to all warning points, first responders etc. for rapid information sharing and updates

Meet Compliance

Archive a single copy of messages to a client-designated 'repository of record' to meet regulatory and legal requirements

Expire Content

To alleviate risk, automate text expiration based on your policies, and shred messages from all devices -on demand

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Encrypted Messaging

Protect against surveillance and man in the middle attacks

Prevent Data Leaks

Sender controls prevent unintended sharing or proliferation, keeping information truly confidential

Attach Content

Securely and easily send vital attachments - without compromise, including PDFs, DOCs and Images

Audit and Reporting

Compliance reporting to prove response times and adherence to procedures.

Automate Texts

Send pre-determined series of communications based on type of event to ensure communications occur in timely manner

Discover The Vaporstream Platform

Vaporstream streamlines communications to ensure security, privacy and efficiency during day to day business operations, unexpected anomalies or full blown emergencies. 
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Automate Communications

Find out how automated emergency communications enable you to increase productivity of resources and ensure vital communications go out in a timely manner. 
Transform Your Emergency Notification and Response Communication Process

Find out how others are using Vaporstream’s Secure Messaging Platform  to streamline and enhance emergency communications, rapid response and compliance reporting. 
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