HIPAA Compliment text messaging for Heathcare mobile communications leverages the efficiencies of modern-day mobile messaging without jeopardizing solutions privacy or compliance.


Collaborate on Breaking News and Media in Confidence

Secure and confidential media communications result in the accurate, powerful and timely release of news, art and film with media secure text.

Secure, confidential communications result in the accurate, powerful and timely release of news, art, and film. With Vaporstream® Secure Messaging, media teams can discuss exciting ideas, confidential news, and unreleased content while ensuring that it is protected from inadvertent release, propagation or breach.

The Media industry seeks honest, insightful and creative conversations to fuel the dynamic and rapid results demanded by this market. Industry leaders must ensure that they can act quickly while protecting sources and intellectual property. They require a secure, efficient means of collaboration that distinguishes them as a trusted source.

Whether a news agency, production company, artist or a high profile individual, Vaporstream Secure Messaging ensures that you can communicate and collaborate securely with confidence.


  • Securely collaborate on ideas with colleagues, writers or high profile artists while protecting IP.
  • Instantly share PDFs, documents and images without fear of breach or leaks.
  • Safeguard sensitive information even when devices are lost or stolen.
  • Easily communicate with news sources while protecting their privacy.
  • Defend against 3rd party intrusion when traveling to less secure or foreign locations.
  • Meet record keeping requirements by storing messages in a designated system of record.


  • Technology mimics typical SMS applications, making for easy adoption.
  • Intuitive SaaS-based app supports iOS, Android and Web.
  • Offers encryption at rest and in-transit for enhanced security.
  • Messages expire based on your policies and can be shredded on-demand by the sender.
  • Patented sender controls and screen shot protection prevent data propagation.
  • 30+ years expertise in privacy, security and compliance.

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