HIPAA Compliment text messaging for Heathcare mobile communications leverages the efficiencies of modern-day mobile messaging without jeopardizing solutions privacy or compliance.

Higher Education

Increasing Campus Safety Through Secure Communications

Higher Education Solutions from Vaporstream help educational institutions keep their students information safe.

Vaporstream® Secure Messaging, helps universities quickly and securely communicate with confidence – to conduct daily business and during emergency events. The responsibilities of Higher Education have grown beyond daily communications for recruiting, disciplinary concerns, discussions about tenure and the business of running the University. Today campuses must also plan for emergency response processes, due to natural disaster, data breach, acts of terrorism and campus crime.

To safely address daily campus communications, Higher Education has turned to Vaporstream Secure Messaging to provide a secure and confidential manner to conduct business. To ensure campus safety, they also utilize Vaporstream Secure Messaging as an alternative communication channel to transmit sensitive emergency notifications, response information and recovery plans to administrative staff, faculty, and students.

Universities depend on Vaporstream Secure Messaging to ensure campus safety.


  • Enable confidential administrative, staff and even student communications.
  • Ensure secure communications during out-of-course events.
  • Safeguard sensitive information in the event that devices are lost or stolen.
  • Defend against 3rd party intrusion, interception or surveillance of messages.
  • Communicate with confidence while traveling in less secure or foreign locations.
  • Protect transmission of sensitive HR and/or recruiting data.


  • Intuitive SaaS-based application supporting iOS, Android and Web.
  • Offers encryption at-rest and in-transit for enhanced security and compliance.
  • Messages expire based on your policies and can be shredded on-demand by the sender.
  • Enables secure communication during data breach or ransomware attack.
  • Patented sender controls and screen shot protection prevent data propagation.
  • 30+ years expertise in privacy, security and information governance.


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