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Vaporstream® Secure Messaging, empowers healthcare teams to securely leverage the efficiencies of modern-day mobile messaging without jeopardizing privacy or compliance. Patient care requires fast-paced, asynchronous collaboration that ensures rapid response for life-saving, and life-altering decisions. With our secure messaging platform for healthcare, communication-intensive healthcare organizations can now provide the superior patient care demanded while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Vaporstream Secure Messaging for Healthcare helps you improve patient outcomes while providing streamlined workflows for your patient care teams.  It enables secure, efficient communications between patient care team members, physicians, pharmacists, administrators, skilled nurses, home care professionals, call centers and scheduling systems while ensuring patient privacy.  Broadcast messages, transmit notes, send photos of wounds and/or infection sites and securely send sensitive patient information with confidence.  HIPAA compliant text messaging safeguards sensitive information, such as PHI and PII, protecting patient information against unauthorized propagation, misuse or leak, and a copy of all texts are maintained in the EHR as part of the patient record.


  • Share PHI among care team members to expedite patient care in a HIPAA compliant manner.
  • Quickly review images to assess treatment or receive a second opinion.
  • Transmit patient status updates and notes about home care patients via HIPAA compliant text messaging.
  • Safeguard information even when devices are lost or stolen.
  • Streamline admissions process via enhanced communication with medical staff.
  • Ensure an alternative communication channel during emergencies or breach.



  • Enables HIPAA compliant text messaging for new levels of patient care and engagement.
  • Patented sender controls and screen shot protection prevents PHI and PII from being inadvertently shared.
  • Offers encryption at rest and in-transit for enhanced security.
  • Messages expire based on your policies and can be shredded on-demand by the sender.
  • Integrates with leading EHR and scheduling systems to increase efficiency and compliance.
  • 30+ years expertise in privacy, security and information governance.

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