HIPAA Compliment text messaging for Heathcare mobile communications leverages the efficiencies of modern-day mobile messaging without jeopardizing solutions privacy or compliance.


Share Private Information with Confidence

Vaporstream® Consumer Messaging is a secure and confidential means in which to communicate with your service providers and share confidential information.

Texting has become common practice to communicate with family and friends. However, innovative mobile apps have also driven a new level of service expectation for consumers. Vaporstream® Secure Messaging provides an easy to use, secure and confidential means in which to communicate with your service providers and share sensitive, confidential information with confidence.

In an age where you can use your mobile device to call an Uber, remotely deposit a check or lock an entire household from miles away; being able to “securely” message and share images with a doctor, insurance provider, lawyer or financial advisor is quickly becoming an expected service.

Share your personal information with confidence with Vaporstream Secure Messaging.


  • Secure, efficient communications with service providers, family and friends.
  • Transfer sensitive financial data and PII with confidence.
  • Share health information with doctors or payers over text.
  • Receive passcode/PIN information for accounts.
  • Discuss legal matters with attorneys.
  • Plan future with wealth management advisors while mobile.


  • Easy to use, intuitive, SaaS-based application supporting iOS, Android and Web.
  • Securely leverage efficiencies of modern day mobile messaging.
  • Ephemeral messages disappear from all devices for added security.
  • Patented sender controls and screen shot protection prevent data propagation.
  • Sender can shred messages on demand, even after delivery.
  • Offers encryption at rest and in-transit for enhanced security.

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