Secure Campus Communications

Increasing Campus Safety Through Secure Text

The responsibilities of higher education have grown beyond daily communications for recruiting, disciplinary concerns, discussions about tenure and the business of running the university. Today’s campuses must also plan for emergency response processes, due to natural disaster, data breach, acts of terrorism, active shooters and campus crime. To safely address daily campus communications, Higher Education has turned to the Vaporstream Secure Communication Platform to provide a secure and confidential manner to conduct business and ensure rapid response to campus emergencies.

To ensure campus safety, Universities depend on the  Vaporstream Secure Communication Platform for: 
  • Secure, private and rapid business communications between administration, staff, third parties and students.

  • Broadcast messaging for mass notification with easy visualization and reporting on who has received and read notices, as well as time to respond.

  • Confidential, real-time collaboration where communications are protected against unauthorized propagation, misuse or leaks.

  • Compliant texting where a copy of all texts are archived to a client designated repository of record for legal, compliance, audit and reporting purposes.

  • Automated communications with predefined templates, recipients and more to reduce errors and speed response to incidents.

  • Alternative communication channel for use during out-of-course events such as a breach or natural disaster.

Discover The Vaporstream Platform

Vaporstream streamlines communications to ensure security, privacy and efficiency during day-to-day business operations, unexpected anomalies or full blown emergencies.  
Use Case: Incident Notification and Response


Learn how to minimize the impact of a disaster and maximize the efficiency of your response with the Vaporstream Platform.


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Automate Vital Campus Communications

Automate campus communications to staff and students in order to increase engagement, education and safety. 

Increase campus safety during times of crisis, removing human error, with pre-defined communications based on event type. 
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Find out how others are using the Vaporstream Secure Messaging Platform to protect campus and student information and improve campus safety. See Vaporstream in action today.   


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