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Creating a Circle of Caring Text with Vaporstream

When relaying important patient information there is often a communication gap between and among well-intended professionals – physician, specialist, nurse, aides, pharma and payers. This whitepaper from Aging in Place Technology Watch explores how care providers can face this communication challenge without jeopardizing HIPAA compliance.
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Healthcare Communications in a HIPAA World

The mobile workforce is rapidly growing and while healthcare organizations are adopting BYOD and COPE strategies, they face a unique set of challenges. This whitepaper explores how healthcare providers are using mobile technology to improve efficiency, collaboration and patient care while remaining HIPAA compliant.


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Secure Mobile Messaging Drives Confidential and Compliant Communications in a BYOD World

As BYOD becomes increasingly common in the workforce, a horde of challenges around compliance and security have sprung up. Secure mobile messaging addresses these challenges, enabling individuals to send secure, private–but impermanent–e-communications.

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