What is Vaporstream?
Vaporstream® is the developer and marketer of a patented ephemeral messaging platform. 

What is ephemeral messaging?
Ephemeral messaging (EM) allows users to the view and send messages but ensures that the messages cannot be copied, forwarded, or shared. This gives the sender complete distribution control and ensures that the interaction will remain private. EM technology can separate the message body and header to provide further protection against distribution. A process known as image obfuscation uses a unique movement process to obscure the message in a way that prevents the recipient from taking a screenshot of the images sent. 

How does Vaporstream® Work?
Messages and message threads are created on a device and encrypted. The message is then sent from the device to the Vaporstream cloud service using a secure web socket interface. Messages remain encrypted while sitting in the receiver’s in-tray. When the recipient clicks on the message, the encrypted message is decrypted and displayed, but not stored in its plain form. The sender  may shred, or trigger the removal of the thread, from all devices (both sender and receiver) at any time. Threads are automatically shredded after a 24-hour period of no activity.

Can Vaporstream messages be shared, printed, downloaded, or stored?

Vaporstream® messages cannot be shared, printed, downloaded, or stored by recipients. This ensures that the sender remains in complete control of his or her content.

How does Vaporstream® messaging comply with e-policy requirements?
Vaporstream offers an information governance module which enables organizations to store information and set appropriate retention and destruction guidelines to comply with the requirements of the particular regulation.

What's involved in installing Vaporstream® ?
As a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution, Vaporstream is easy to enable and simple to use. The organization has no hardware or management requirements. The only exception is if the business chooses to implement and information governance module (IGM) that resides within the company’s own infrastructure. This is the one component installed on-premises by the clients’ IT team, to store information under the business’s full control. Adding users to the system is handled through a web portal that customers can log into and add users.  

How much does Vaporstream® cost?
Vaporstream is a subscription service and the monthly price is based on the number of users and options used such as directory services and information governance modules.

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