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Vaporstream Secure Messaging ensures that text messaging communications are kept confidential and compliant. With information governance, compliance and security experts leading the helm, Vaporstream delivers a unique perspective on technology that keeps you secure and compliant, i.e. HIPAA, FINRA and others, while driving superior business outcomes.


Named as one of Healthcare Tech Outlook’s 10 Most Promising Healthcare Compliance Solution Providers of 2016, Vaporstream understands the complexities of regulated business. Vaporstream provides a secure messaging platform that simply avoids the common risks of mobile device use, standard text and messaging apps to keep you in compliance with regulatory, legal and business mandates while meeting the needs of your mobile work teams for efficiency and rapid response.

Vaporstream’s patented technology, unique and robust feature set for text messaging compliance, security and collaboration provides an easy to use app for your teams to securely work together at the speed of business in a compliant manner.


Compliant Texting

Compliant Texting

The optional Information Governance Module (IGM) retains a single copy of all conversations in a secure, client-specified repository of record for safe keeping.
Extensible API


Seamlessly integrate Vaporstream into your business workflows, including scheduling systems, content archives and repositories of record, via our extensible API.
Admin Console

Admin Console

The Admin Console enables administrators to grant or modify Vaporstream access controls, to allow or prohibit use, control security and governance policies, and review audit activities/metrics.
Audit Controls and Integrity

Audit Controls and Integrity

Provides the ability to record and examine activity in systems using or containing ePHI. The IGM provides a permanent, secure record of all user activity for auditing and monitoring purposes.

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