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Secure Messaging Solutions 

Vaporstream Secure Messaging is built by technology experts with over 30 years of experience in security, privacy and compliance.

HIPAA Compliant

Patient data and communications must travel at the speed of need. With increased threat of breach, ransomware and rising healthcare needs, secure, HIPAA compliant and efficient communications are an imperative for every healthcare organization. See why the Vaporstream Secure Messaging Platform is the tool of choice for institutions seeking:

  • Secure, HIPAA compliant and confidential text messaging communications

  • Automated workflows, increased efficiency and throughput for increased revenue

  • Improved care coordination and patient engagement for superior outcomes

Incident Notification
Energy and Utilities

Vaporstream enables energy and utilities personnel to securely communicate in times of crisis for optimal response - in real-time. When a disruption in operations occurs, notifications, response and recovery communications can now be handled immediately to ensure the safety and health of staff and the community at large. See why the Vaporstream Secure Messaging Platform is the system of choice for teams transforming how they securely communicate via:

  • An alternative communication channel to handle out-of-course event response

  • Real-time, secure and compliant communication to increase response times

  • Leak proof communications that protect against surveillance and propagation

Secure & Compliant
Financial Services

Vaporstream provides financial institutions with secure and compliant text messaging for business. With increased pressure to provide new, secure and innovative services, Vaporstream specializes in Wealth Management, Broker Dealer and Insurance communications with clients. See why the Vaporstream Secure Messaging Platform is the collaboration tool of choice for Financial institutions seeking to:

  • Exceed client expectations for confidential, asynchronous, rapid response to inquiries

  • Ensure secure and compliant communication of sensitive documents and information while mobile

  • Meet the growing demand for secure, however easy, confirmations with clients who are on the go

Corporate Collaboration

As BYOD and COPE become standard practice in the workplace, finding a messaging solution that empowers executives, employees and clients to communicate in a secure, confidential manner is paramount. Vaporstream's encrypted platform safeguards mobile collaboration and communication from leaks and surveillance while on the go. See why the Vaporstream Secure Messaging Platform is the collaboration tool of choice for enterprise organizations seeking:

  • Secure, compliant collaboration with the ability to attach PDFs, documents & images without fear of leak or security breach

  • Confidential communications, while traveling in less secure or foreign locations

  • An alternative line of communication in the event of an emergency or breach

Secure Campus
Higher Education

Universities have a responsibility for the well-being and operation of the campus. University administration must be equipped to safely and effectively communicate with faculty and students, especially during out-of-course events that require immediate action and rapid response. See why the Vaporstream Secure Messaging Platform is the tool of choice for universities seeking:

  • Alternative communication channel during out-of-course events on campus

  • Leak proof communications to protect sensitive information of students and staff

  • Real-time secure communications to increase response times during crisis

Leak Proof Communication

Official discussions concerning the country's safety and defenses, policies, legislation etc. must occur via private, secure channels. In a world threatened by increased cyber attacks, federal agencies must be able to securely text, protected against third party surveillance as well as internal leaks. Find out how Vaporstream is used by agencies looking for:

  • Leak proof, secure communications that can not be propagated to unintended recipients

  • Defense against 3rd party intrusion when traveling to less secure or foreign locations

  • Secure and compliant communications that meet regulatory requirements such as FOIA

Why Vaporstream?
Because Your Business Should Stay Your Business
In this fast-paced world, Vaporstream® empowers you to have asynchronous, secure and private text communications to conduct business – no matter where you are. Explore how Vaporstream keeps conversations secure and private while doing business in your industry.