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Compliance Without Compromise

Information is everywhere today. Your employees, partners and customers share information on an endless number of devices, inside and outside the enterprise. Communicating privately and protecting your information, while at the same time meeting today’s evolving and shifting regulatory, legal and business mandates has become increasingly challenging. Vaporstream believes you should be able to communicate without storing information on message servers and devices, without compromising your ability meet even the strictest compliance requirements. That’s why our solution – built by information governance, compliance and security experts – prioritizes both ease-of-use and record-keeping by giving the enterprise control over all their information.

  • Meet complex regulatory, legal and business mandates such as HIPAA, FINRA, FERC, NRC, FOIA, GDPR and CCPA

  • Archive single copy messages into a client-designated repository while ensuring all non-record copies are deleted from all other devices and servers

  • Set enterprise policies to delete messages from all devices and servers, and/or shred on demand

  • Run detailed reports for auditing and compliance purposes

  • Partner with privacy, security and compliance experts on technology, process and policy decisions

Ensure Compliance for Business Text
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Compliant Texting

Optionally, Vaporstream archives a single copy of all conversations to a secure, client-specified repository of record for safe keeping.

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Extensible API

Seamlessly integrate Vaporstream into your business workflows, including scheduling systems, content archives and repositories of record, via our extensible API.

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Admin Console 

The Admin Console enables administrators to grant or modify Vaporstream access controls, to allow or prohibit the use, control security and governance policies, and review audit activities/metrics.

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Audit Controls & Integrity

Provides the ability to record and examine activity in systems using or containing ePHI/ ePII. For compliance purposes, the Vaporstream Platform provides a permanent, secure record of all user activity for auditing and monitoring purposes.

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Analytics & Reporting

Compliance and utilization reporting can be ran to support reporting requirements.

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Access Control

A unique ID for each user is created based on a previously assigned corporate email or phone number, and verified using a verification code at the time of registration.

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Ephemeral Messages

Messages never remain on sender or recipients' devices, alleviating the need to wipe devices of chats when lost or stolen. Chats expire automatically after a predetermined interval of time, based on your policy.

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