Joseph Collins Jr., Director

Collins is a Founder of Vaporstream® and serves on its Board of Directors.

Collins started his career at Alliance Energy and quickly propelled his way to the executive management ranks. That experience lit an entrepreneurial spark, and in 2002 Collins founded Griffon Energy, LLC. As president and Chief Executive Officer of Griffon Energy, Collins expanded the company throughout the Northeastern United States.

During his tenure as Chief Executive Officer, Collins became immersed in the issues of corporate privacy and business communications. Collins realized that existing digital communication systems put his confidential messages in jeopardy and became committed to finding a better way. It was during this time that the idea for Vaporstream was born. Collins began to develop the concept and technology, which at the time was called Stream Messaging. By 2006 Collins had secured significant financial backing for the firm, and established a world-class executive team to launch his vision for creating a place where information never lasts.

Collins holds a Bachelor in Arts in History from Northwestern University.

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