HIPAA-Compliant Communications

Doing More for Our Healthcare Customers
Vaporstream enables clinical collaboration while driving clinical and business productivity by streamlining patient communications and automating manual processes. Our HIPAA-compliant communications platform enables care providers to focus on both revenue-generating tasks and patient engagement – saving time, recapturing lost revenue and delivering immediate ROI.
  • Improve patient care coordination by quickly sharing HIPAA-compliant, sensitive patient information directly from tablets and mobile devices

  • Prioritize patient engagement and reduce administrative workloads with preconfigured, automated Vaporstream messages, SMS messages and emails

  • Safeguard information for regulatory requirements by keeping communication records in a client-designated repository

  • Communicate during a crisis using our independent secure communications channel, coordinating emergency response and ensuring staff and patient safety

Patient Engagement
Vaporstream works with healthcare organizations to prioritize patient engagement with preconfigured, automated messages that are built to relieve care providers, from physician to office receptionist, of the time it takes to communicate with patients by phone or email – allowing care providers to focus on critical tasks while keeping patients engaged in their care plans.


Clinical Collaboration
Vaporstream empowers healthcare organizations to simultaneously improve the quality of patient care and staff productivity. Its secure mobile messaging application makes it easier and faster for care providers to collaborate and coordinate patient care while remaining HIPAA compliant and protecting sensitive information.


Streamline Processes to Improve Efficiency and Patient Care
From onboarding new patients to coordinating care, healthcare organizations of all sizes use Vaporstream to communicate in a HIPAA compliant manner. Check out these videos to see how our customers use Vaporstream and get better outcomes.
Completing the Circle of Care 
 Transition Care and Onboard New Patients
Efficiently Collaborate and Improve Outcomes 

Securely Text

Collaborate among care team members about patient care without jeopardizing compliance or security

Locate Team Members

Track down team members without playing phone, or pager tag for quick consultation, collaboration and decision making

Pharmacy Updates

Quickly determine status of medication and equipment deliveries and eliminate non-reimbursable home visits

Meet Compliance

Ensure that all patient related texts are kept secure and private and become part of the patient record.

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Reduce Readmissions

Automate patient communications, ensuring delivery at the precise time needed, to increase adherence to recovery plans

Image Protection

Ensure patient privacy by keeping images off device camera rolls and cloud with our in-app camera

Transition Care

Easily coordinate between physician(s), home health, hospice, pharmacy and care nurse to transfer care

Engage Patients

Communicate securely with patients, and patient family members via text, engaging them in their own care

Overcoming Communication Challenges in Complex Patient Care Delivery

Aging in Place Technology Watch Senior  Analyst, Laurie Orlov, interviews three experts in the industry on the communication challenges faced in the delivery of complex patient care. 
Read the insights as they discuss everything from emergency response, to the causes of miscommunication and the effects of automation.    

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Automate Patient Communications
Find out how automated patient outreach and engagement enables you to increase productivity and repurpose resources to billable activities. From pre- and post-surgical patient engagement to appointment reminders and chronic patient management, Vaporstream streamlines communications to improve patient satisfaction and overall outcomes – and increase throughput.


Revolutionizing Text Communications For Our Customers

Drive Efficiency and Engagement with Vaporstream 
Find out how others in Healthcare use Vaporstream to improve patient outcomes, and how they are automating patient engagement to increase patient satisfaction, staff efficiency and revenues. 


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