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At the federal level, agencies are constantly working to protect and improve the lives of citizens. With a vast range of responsibilities, collaboration amongst government officials, staff members and even the public must be fluid and efficient. In a world threatened by increased cyber attacks, leaks and escalated foreign tensions, agencies must be able to securely text, protected against third party surveillance or internal leaks. Official discussions concerning safety and national defense, policy creation, investigations and legislation must happen in real-time via private, secure and compliant channels. 

Find out how Vaporstream is used by federal agencies looking for:
  • Real-time, secure collaboration among staff and external associates where communications are protected against unauthorized propagation, misuse or leaks.

  • Defense against 3rd party intrusion when traveling to less secure or foreign locations.

  • Ability to securely send mass notifications to staff and consultants in the case of emergency and visualize receipt and read indicators.

  • An alternative, secure channel of communication in the case of breach or out-of-course event, keeping the bad actors out of the know.

  • Compliant texting where a copy of all texts are archived to a client designated repository of record for compliance, audit and reporting purposes when required (i.e. FOIA).

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Streamline critical communications while  ensuring security, privacy and compliance. Whether day-to-day operations, or during unexpected emergencies, the Vaporstream Secure Communication Platform provides your teams the confidence to communicate and make rapid decisions without fear of leaks or surveillance.

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