Secure Communications for the Enterprise

Confidential Business Communications

With the rise of distributed businesses and remote or traveling employees, the use of both corporate and personal devices in the workplace continues to grow. While SMS and consumer messaging apps might be readily accessible, they require you to trust your employees to protect confidential information on their devices. Vaporstream understands your business requires enterprise-level security, which is why we allow you to have confidential, compliant and leakproof business conversations while maintaining complete control of how your private business information is stored on devices, saved to the cloud or otherwise shared. That way, you can quickly and securely collaborate with your employees anywhere, anytime.
  • Collaborate using corporate or personal devices knowing that sensitive information cannot be shared, saved or uploaded to the cloud

  • Confidentially and securely communicate whether your network is available or not

  • Send secure mass notifications and coordinate response in case of a crisis or out-of-course event

  • Discuss business matters anytime, anywhere without fear of leaks or tipping off bad actors

  • Set enterprise policies to delete messages from all devices and servers, and/or shred on demand against breach, even when devices are lost or stolen

How We Can Help

From sharing confidential business information to communicating during and resolving a crisis or managing financial transactions, businesses worldwide use Vaporstream to protect and control all of their sensitive information.

Keep Business Communications Confidential
Safely Conduct Crisis Communications
Securely Confirm Financial Transactions
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How Secure Messaging Drives Confidential and Compliant Communications in a BYOD World 

As the use of personal and corporate devices continues to grow across all businesses, challenges around security and compliance continue to emerge. Learn how platforms like Vaporstream can address these challenges with secure, private and compliant communications. 
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Securely collaborate anytime, anywhere. See how businesses worldwide are using Vaporstream’s enterprise communication platform to control sensitive business information.
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