News on Vaporstream Secure Messaging enables your business to streamline workflows remain compliant with truly confidential communications.

Revolutionizing Text Communications

Here at Vaporstream we are helping our customers revolutionize the way they communicate. Simply and with confidence.

Vaporstream customers are industry leaders looking to transform the way they communicate. With Vaporstream, you no longer have to choose between convenience and security – you can successfully have both. Vaporstream provides secure, ephemeral and compliant mobile messaging for organizations of all sizes and across a wide variety of industries. Communicate with confidence while streamlining business operations – without jeopardizing your or your client’s information.

Our valued customers represent the EnterpriseHealthcareFinancial ServicesMedia, Education and Legal industries as well as many others.

Hear what some of them have to say about Vaporstream:

“As the chief executive of a global consultancy specializing in intelligence gathering and the protection of human-physical-financial assets, I truly have a zero margin for error in the manner I communicate with colleagues and clients. It is because of this that all such dialog is done through Vaporstream because they are without peer in the private messaging vertical. There is simply no other solution for the educated consumer.”


-Paul Michael Viollis Sr. Chief Executive Officer

 Viollis Group International


Vaporstream Customers Dr. Roberto Bergamaschi, MD, PhD Professor of Colon & Rectal Surgery and President of the NY Society

“As a Professor of Colon & Rectal Surgery and President of the NY Society of Colon & Rectal, I believe that we must assist our patients through support groups like LICRS&SG.  Staying in touch with survivor’s and connecting them with new patients for support is an essential part of the patient journey.  By selecting Vaporstream we can now ensure HIPAA compliance while allowing patients the ease and expedience of texting. This provides an efficient and easy way to send information, connect survivors and patients instantly with full confidence that all communication will always stay private and secure.”

-Dr. Roberto Bergamaschi, MD, PhD

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