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Text messaging has become the new email, and email has become the new snail-mail. With the transition to secure text communications you can now unleash the power of a truly agile business that communicates with confidence. With secure, confidential and compliant individual and group messaging your work teams increase business efficiency, knowledge sharing, and decision-making by utilizing their communication tool of choice – text. Protect sensitive information such as IP, PII and PHI from survellience, theft or misuse while encouraging collaboration via the secure environment of Vaporstream. 

Empower your teams to chat, send attachments and collaborate with ease. Vaporstream allows you to easily communicate and collaborate with colleagues, third parties and other external contacts in real-time –  securely – at the speed of business.

Ease and Speed of Collaboration Drives Today's Business
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Secure Chat

Securely communicate with team members, partners and other third parties. All messages are encrypted at rest and during transmittal. 

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External Contacts

Invite contacts from outside of your organization to join Vaporstream. Whether third-party partners or clients, Vaporstream makes it easy for you to securely communicate with confidence with external contacts.

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Secure Group Chat

Create groups in order to easily collaborate via secure group messaging for knowledge sharing and decision making.

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Send mass group announcements/messages for information sharing or notifications.

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Attach documents and images to chats with ease, enhancing your ability to share information and collaborate effectively with recipients.

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Vaporstream's in-app camera enables the sharing of business images without storing images in the native camera roll, photo gallery or the cloud.

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Read Receipts

Easily see when a recipient has received and read your message.

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Extensible API

Seamlessly integrate Vaporstream into your business workflows, including scheduling systems, content archives and repositories of record, via our extensible API.

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Simplified Deployment
The SaaS-based architecture simplifies deployment with a look and feel that replicates native SMS for rapid user adoption. Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration provides systematic, rapid deployment for the enterprise.

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Platform Support

Vaporstream is supported on iOS and Android devices for your mobile workforce . Office staff use the intuitive Web desktop, ensuring convenient and efficient communications between remote staff and home base.

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Ephemeral Messages

Messages never remain on sender or recipients' devices, alleviating the need to wipe devices of chats when lost or stolen. Chats expire automatically after a predetermined interval of time, based on your corporate policies.

Creating a Circle of Caring Text for Collaboration

Increase your care team’s ability to communicate effectively and collaborate about patient care via secure, confidential messaging.  Find out how large the circle of caring text can grow.  
Whitepaper: Creating a Circle of Caring Text

When relaying important patient information there is often a communication gap between care team members. This whitepaper from Aging in Place explores how care providers can face this communication challenge without jeopardizing HIPAA Compliance.

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