As healthcare organizations look for ways to improve health outcomes, improve productivity and increase revenue, many are turning to healthcare automation in communication. Automating communications can speed up billing processes, smooth collaboration between care teams, and improve appointment attendance and patient medication adherence. So, what does that look like? Let’s explore.

Speeding Up Billing Processes

Imagine that a field employee is paying a home visit to an elderly patient and needs to share his billing information. Normally, getting this sensitive information to the billing department would be a complicated and cumbersome project. Using healthcare automation though, the employee can take a photo of the patient’s Medicare and insurance cards and send them directly to the billing department—where it is immediately processed into the billing system. The employee can then focus on providing the patient with the care that he needs.

Collaborating Between Teams

The same field employee who’s visiting an elderly patient notices a skin patch on the patient’s arm that looks suspicious. He’s not entirely certain what steps to take so he snaps a photo of the skin patch and sends it to the patient’s dermatologist who is able to take a look and message back recommendations for treatment and whether the man should come in for an appointment. Without these rapid communications, the field employee and dermatologist would find it difficult to connect, maybe even ending up playing phone tag while trying to share PII in a HIPAA-compliant manner, delaying the man’s treatment.

Improving Appointment Attendance and Patient Medication Adherence

The dermatologist has recommended the elderly man come in for an appointment. To make sure he doesn’t miss his appointment, the field employee makes sure that regular reminders are automatically sent to the old man and his caretaker, so he knows when the appointment is and what to prepare for it. After the appointment, the dermatologist prepares information that is automatically sent as regular reminders to the patient on how to treat the skin patch.

Sounds far-fetched? It’s not – Vaporstream makes all of these scenarios a reality. Organizations of any size can securely share documents, images and files over messaging and even automate processes like appointment reminders and processing documents into systems. Along the way, all information is protected in-transit and removed from employee’s devices in accordance with HIPAA-compliance standards while being processed in a designated, single system. Learn more about how we do all that here.