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A new experience for caregiving teams and superior care for patients

CHICAGO, March 9, 2016 — Vaporstream®, a leading provider of secure, ephemeral and compliant messaging today announced that Wellness Home Care selected Vaporstream for its secure mobile messaging solution.

Owned and operated by nurses, Wellness Home Care has been delivering compassionate home care and advocacy for clients since 1983. Wellness Home Care has a team of carefully screened aides and nurses who have an intimate and personal understanding of the challenges associated with caring for a loved one at home. Mobile Health, otherwise known as mHealth, is a growing part of many Healthcare organizations, however for home health providers, the impact is obviously significant.

“We strive to keep families together, knowing that they are more able to maintain closeness with their loved one when they are cared for at home,” said Judy Balaban, RN, BSN, Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Wellness Home Care. “We were vigilant in our selection. Vaporstream brings the expertise and solution that allow us to continue to reinforce our commitment to patient care, privacy and compliance.”

Wellness Home Care selected Vaporstream for its secure mobile messaging solution.  

Built from the ground up to address HIPAA compliance, the secure, private and ephemeral messaging application has the capability to be utilized to:

  • Enable real-time collaboration and information exchange between team members, physicians and family members regarding patient care and status, without leaving a digital footprint or residual information on mobile devices
  • Retain each communication in the EHR, automatically filed to the corresponding patient record for easy access and safe keeping
  • Allow home health nurses to communicate questions back to physicians, transmit photos of wounds / infection sites, schedule appointments, send additional information / documentation and document visit notes concerning a patient
  • Ensure that sensitive patient data is always protected and that messages cannot be intercepted, misused or unintentionally propagated
  • Provide patient care instructions to an alternate home health nurse or caregiver when necessary
  • Notify care team members of upcoming appointments, relevant patient information and updates

“In today’s world, healthcare organizations must not only focus on the level of care they provide, but also on how they securely operate their business to protect patient data,” says Galina Datskovsky, Chief Executive Officer, Vaporstream. “Wellness is transforming their immediate and critical communication needs into a strategic Mobile Health initiative that will provide confidence, efficiency and compliance.”

“Working with Vaporstream will allow our answering service, care workers, doctors, pharmacists and family members to exchange patient information more efficiently, more timely and with less stress,” said Fran Schafer, RN, Chief Operating Officer, Wellness Home Care. “As an advocate for our patients, this is what we strive to deliver.”

About Wellness Home Care

Being able to live at home is one of the most important comforts in life. This is a concept that we at Wellness Home Care know well. Since 1983, we have been delivering compassionate home care and advocacy for our clients in the Hudson Valley. When we begin care, a registered nurse meets with the family to understand the client’s unique needs and develop an individualized care plan. Then a qualified and compassionate certified personal care aide or nurse is assigned to provide the care needed to keep the client safe at home. The home care team can play an incredibly vital role for a client in need.

Our aides provide companionship and assistance with activities of daily living as well as meal preparation and light housekeeping. The aides are supervised by a registered nurse who is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.  Our professional nursing services include infusion nursing, wound care, medication management and private duty in home care services. To assure peace of mind, all of our caregivers are screened, insured and bonded.

Please visit our website at www.wellnesshomecare.com or call us at (845) 294-8364 to see how we can meet your home health care needs.

About Vaporstream

Vaporstream provides secure, ephemeral and compliant mobile messaging for the enterprise. Recognized for its patented ephemeral messaging platform, Vaporstream’s SaaS-based application empowers mobile workforce efficiency and improves customer service – without jeopardizing security or compliance. With expertise serving regulated industries, Vaporstream offers the security and best-in-class infrastructure needed to meet the most complex bring your own device (BYOD) and corporate owned privately enabled (COPE) requirements to ensure that you can keep communications confidential, secure and compliant.

If you would like to learn more about how Vaporstream can help optimize your business communications and partner with you for secure, compliant messaging, contact us today.

(800) 367-0780info@vaporstream.com | www.vaporstream.com