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(Article originally published by Legaltech News by Ian Lopez on May 4, 2016)
The partnership aims to help lawyers with information governance and cybersecurity concerns on their mobile devices.
It’s no secret that law firms can be lucrative targets for hackers, but this reality, coupled with the uptick in mobile use by legal professionals, has paved way for a market to protect legal practitioners and the devices they growingly rely on for their daily tasks.
Stepping up to address this market segment is Vaporstream, a provider of enterprise mobile security solutions, who through its partnership with enterprise content management solution provider Matrix Logic will address issues of mobile security facing law firms and legal departments today.
Vaporstream’s partnership with Matrix Logic will aim to tackle the information governance and security needs while of newer tools and methods lawyers use to communicate with clients, such as messaging today utilize. Through the partnership, Vaporstream’s messaging solution is capable of being integrated into Matrix Logic’s content management platforms. This, Vaporstream noted in a statement, will “ensure compliant and confidential communications.”
“Whether our customer is making a purchasing decision on behalf of a legal department or a law firm, security and compliance is a top concern,” Matrix Logic president Stephen Page said in a statement. “As a result of our partnership with Vaporstream, we are excited to provide our customers with the ability to send real-time mobile messages that meet compliance regulations and records management policies — a functionality many of our high profile clients have requested.”
Among the arenas in which Matrix Logic focuses are information governance and compliance solutions as well as document management. The company is also experienced in customized programming and systems installation.
“The partnership is bringing together a strong piece of software that allows secure ephemeral communication and a firm with great expertise in the legal vertical so that messages can be sent security, as well as stored priority to meet regulations,” Vaporstream CEO Galina Datskovsky told Legaltech News. “Anytime you can bring together two strong companies, you have happier clients and better client retention.”
While the risks facing lawyers’ devices are the same as those of “any unsecured device in any industry,” an “added risk comes into play because law firms are often dealing with very sensitive information,” Datskovsky said. Risks enabled by mobile use include loss or hacking of device as well as the inadvertent sending of information “to the wrong people.”
“Law firms are generally targeted, as well as other third party service providers, because they are easier to breach than larger organizations,” she explained. “It’s always easier to go after what can be perceived as the weakest link in a chain. Typically, a law firm has a more open and collaborative environment compared to the organizations they serve. Also, while law firms require a greater level of collaboration, they often don’t have as comprehensive of a mobile policy as other regulated industries.”
Hackers’ targeting of law firms is nothing new. In 2010, Gipson Hoffman & Pancione received phishing mails believed to be sent on behalf of Chinese firms and the Chinese government. In 2012, Puckett & Faraj, the firm representing a U.S. Army staff sergeant for 2005 killings in Iraq, was hacked by the notorious hacking group Anonymous.
The nature of hacks is always evolving. As Joseph Abrenio, vice president of commercial services at Delta Risk, previously told Legaltech News, “I would say prior to 2010, what was widely distributed were denial of service attacks (DoS) on websites,” which he defined as, “basically just hitting a website, and not necessarily getting to confidential or personal data.”
Now, “you’re seeing much more of what we call ‘advanced persistent threats’ that are targeting lawyers,” Abrenio noted. “So I think not only have the frequencies of attacks increased on law firms, but the complexity, too.”
Enterprises have been trying for some time now to get a grip on securing their devices. As previously explored in Legaltech News, this has led to different approaches, including mobile device management (MDM) software; mobile application management (MAM), or the storing of company-related apps into a folder operating under company guidelines; and virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI), which keeps company data on a server rather than on the phone itself.