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(Article originally published by Legaltech News by Ricci Dipshan on June 24, 2016)

LIFARS chose Vaporstream’s Solution for its ability to expedite and streamline communication during a cyberattack

In any well-planned breach response communication is key, but during an attack, all the conventional avenues in which internal staff communicate—email, cloud sharing, and text messages, for example—will most likely be shut down, or worse, used to spread malware. So what’s a company to do?

Some vendors are seeking to offer an answer through proprietary secure messaging solutions. And one company in particular is finding success in the adoption of their technology. Vaporstream announced its proprietary enterprise communication solution will be used by customers of the cybersecurity intelligence, digital forensics, and incident response firm LIFARs, in a partnership between the two companies.

Liz Lederer, Vaporstream’s senior vice president of channel, said the partnership was part of the company’s Connect Partner Program, which “is intended to support partners’ sales and marketing efforts to help them provide additional value to their customers and help them create steady revenue streams. Training, mentoring and marketing are the three pillars we will focus on when looking at ways to continue to support our partner community.”

Vaporstream’s technology, Lederer explained, is based on “ephemeral messaging, where the message disappears and its data is no longer available after a set time frame.” She added that the technology “is now enabling organizations to communicate securely and privately without worrying if a message is being forwarded to another party.”

“During times of incident response, it’s critical for conversations to remain between those remediating the situation, and we’re able to do that by keeping messages encrypted and enabling cross-device interactions without the risk of unauthorized sharing or storing,” she said.

Asked why LIFARS chose Vaporstream, Lederer noted the firm “sought a partner that could expedite and streamline communication during incident response.”

While the partnership is a boon for Vaporstream, its messaging solution’s success in being adopted at companies will depend on how users react to its interface and usability. “One of the key challenges of secure messaging is getting employees to utilize enterprise messaging solutions. In the past, there has been a stigma around enterprise applications that they were not user, or even mobile, friendly,” Lederer said.

She was optimistic, however, that Vaporstream will be able to overcome these challenge as its solution “has the same functionalities as consumer-based apps.”

Despite any friction to enterprise technology, Lederer added that secure messaging solutions are necessary in today’s landscape given that “technology and how people communicate continue to evolve at a pace that many organizations just haven’t caught up to.”

“When it comes to texting in particular, organizations are failing to put solutions in place that keep what is sent secure, private and compliant. The focus is typically on email, which is important, but all communication must be kept secure,” she said.

Her observation was confirmed by Smarsh’s sixth annual Electronic Communications Compliance Survey Report, which found that 68 percent of organizations that allow text messaging for business communications did not have an archiving or management solution in place for those messages.

Ken Anderson, vice president of marketing at Smarsh, previously told Legaltech News that companies whose employees use tools like social media and text and instant messaging “need to bring these content types into the fold of legal and compliance review, or they risk making their organization vulnerable to risk, errors, and fraud—which can potentially lead to regulatory and legal fines and sanctions.”