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Vaporstream Becomes First Secure Messaging Platform to Announce NowSecure Certification


Mobile app securely transmits sensitive data

CHICAGO, IL – (October 3, 2016) – Vaporstream, a leading provider of secure, ephemeral and compliant messaging, today announced that its mobile application, Vaporstream, achieved NowSecure certification. NowSecure, the leader in mobile-focused security solutions, issues certifications for applications that pass its rigorous security assessment, which covers the entire mobile attack surface including forensic, network and advanced security tests.

Vaporstream Secure Messaging empowers organizations and their clients to securely leverage the efficiency of modern day mobile messaging while ensuring the protection of sensitive information, compliance and confidentiality. Vaporstream’s robust feature set enhances business productivity and workflows and enables secure mobile communications that increase client confidence and trust.

NowSecure tested the Vaporstream application for the iOS and Android mobile platforms. Through a rigorous security audit, it was determined that the app securely stores and transmits sensitive data allowing customers to rely on Vaporstream for their most sensitive data. This certification reiterates Vaporstream’s commitment to user trust and secure application design and strengthens its position within the enterprise as an out-of-the-box solution for significant security vulnerabilities that arise from less secure messaging solutions.

“As mobile messaging becomes a standard of doing business, we understand that organizations across industries need a solution that enables secure and compliant communications on mobile devices,” said Avi Elkoni, COO and CTO Vaporstream. “We work diligently every day to build and maintain a secure solution that our customers can trust with their confidential information. We value this trust, and having Vaporstream independently tested and verified by a highly capable and reputable third-party helps bolster that trust.”

About NowSecure

NowSecure Inc. was formed in 2009 with a mission to advance mobile security worldwide. NowSecure’s customers include the world’s largest banks, healthcare, insurance and government organizations. Founded as a mobile forensics company, it has grown over three hundred percent since 2012 and provides mobile incident response, mobile security management products and insights to Fortune 1000 companies, governments and end users from 188 countries. With today’s mobile economy blurring the line between what is private and public, NowSecure’s mobile security solutions provide real-time visibility and remediation of security flaws on mobile devices for both individuals and enterprises. This comprehensive platform integrates mobile security testing, forensics, analytics and user device protection. Visit for more infromation.

About Vaporstream

Vaporstream provides secure, ephemeral and compliant mobile messaging for the enterprise. Recognized for its patented ephemeral messaging platform, Vaporstream’s SaaS-based application empowers mobile workforce efficiency and improves customer service – without jeopardizing security or compliance. With expertise serving regulated industries, Vaporstream offers the security and best-in-class infrastructure needed to meet the most complex bring your own device (BYOD) and corporate owned privately enabled (COPE) requirements to ensure that you can keep communications confidential, secure and compliant.

If you would like to learn more about how Vaporstream can help optimize your business communications and partner with you for secure, compliant messaging, contact us today.