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Leading provider of secure communications introduces Vaporstream 4.0, its redesigned application, making it easier to use so organizations can focus on what really matters


Vaporstream, the leading provider of secure communications, today announced the latest release of its award-winning messaging platform, featuring a new look and feel for a more intuitive user experience. With the expert help of global digital UI company Isobar, Vaporstream created a new interface that enables users to capitalize on its value in the workplace more than ever.

Today, workloads are increasing at previously unseen rates. With that in mind, Vaporstream’s new look and feel makes it easier than ever for users to quickly collaborate and communicate inside and outside the organization. In order to meet the needs of busy staff, Vaporstream created a streamlined, new user enrollment process so that employees, partners, patients, clients and other third-parties can quickly and easily install Vaporstream – providing more opportunities to leverage the platform for efficiency and to safeguard information. Its pleasing aesthetics and instinctive features, designed alongside Isobar, create an immediately modern and accessible feel.

“We always want to ensure that our solution – designed to drive value and efficiency – provides the best user experience for our customers,” said Dr. Galina Datskovsky, CEO of Vaporstream. “With streamlined workflows and a focus on usability, Vaporstream 4.0 is a truly intuitive solution that helps deliver a faster time to value.”

Vaporstream will showcase its new look and feel at HIMSS19, Booth 400-20 (February 11-15, Orlando, FL). Schedule a demo today.

Recognized for pioneering a patented, ephemeral communications platform that focuses on security first, Vaporstream’s enterprise customers benefit from secure communication solutions that uniquely solve efficiency, compliance, workflow and incident response challenges faced by organizations as society increasingly goes mobile.

About Vaporstream 
Chicago-based Vaporstream provides secure, ephemeral and compliant messaging for the enterprise. Vaporstream is built by compliance and security experts with over 30 years of experience in security, privacy and compliance, and empower business professionals to communicate at the speed of business, and with confidence. With customers representing healthcare, energy & utilities, financial services, government and others, as well as a growing partner network, it offers a secure messaging platform that uniquely solves efficiency, communication and compliance challenges faced by business as it increasingly goes mobile. For more info, visit: and follow us on Twitter @Vaporstream.



HIPAA may be twenty-two years old but the HIPAA Security Rule—which assures the security of confidential electronic patient information—hit its twenty-year mark just this year.  HIPAA was signed into law in 1996 to protect Americans from losing health insurance coverage when changing jobs or dealing with a lay off and to protect the privacy and security of individual health information. Rules that govern HIPAA’s implementation requirements include the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule, which followed the initial rule 2 years later, issued in 1998.


Due to the nature of care required for elderly LTC patients, it has become common for family members to play an integral role in long-term care for patients at home, during the transition between facilities, and even in healthcare decision making. In fact, 65.7 million family members have become caregivers who provide care to someone who has aged, is ill or disabled in the United States.This support can be extremely beneficial to both the patient and the family, as numerous studies, including a recent report from Johns Hopkins Evidence-Based Practice Center (JHUEPC),SEE DETAILS