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8 lessons to be learned from the recent DNC Hack and how secure ephemeral messaging can help protect your email communications.

8 Lessons to be Learned from the Recent DNC Hack

A few weeks ago we saw yet another email scandal. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails were hacked and over 19,000 emails were made public during the convention. The revelations lead to the resignation of the chair of the DNC and dominated the discourse during the opening night of the convention. It is amazing that in today’s world, after the revelations of the Sony emails, anyone would still write emails of this sort. Whatever happened to the old saying, “if you don’t want it on the 5 o’clock news, don’t put it in an email!” It seems like there is a general feeling of “it won’t happen to me” that permeates many organizations. So what is one to do?

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Learn how to avoid becoming a cyber hostage against ransomware for your healthcare organization.

3 ways to Avoid becoming a Cyber Hostage

Author–Galina Datskovsky A few weeks ago Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was held hostage by hackers.  Yes, literally and unbelievably so!  Hackers got into the hospital data systems and virtually shut down all operations for 10 days.  The hospital chose to pay the ransom of $17,000 rather than risk further embarrassment and no access to their

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